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Dr. Adrian Manz: Trade with Consistent Results

25 Jan 2013 @ 06:46
LEARN FROM GENERALS OF THE MARKETS – PART 20 “…And then people make the mistake of not working hard enough to keep improving.” – Stephen Temes Since 1998, Adrian Manz (PhD) has been a great market speculator, writer and speaker at trading conferences. He’s a co-founder of He’s been earning his own livelihood for […]

Annual Forecast on Yahoo! (2013)

22 Jan 2013 @ 08:49
Go long, and go long on Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO). The stock has been in a bullish mode for a long period – and the same is valid for the year 2013. Oh bull, please continue riding your profits! Is there anyone put on horse-back who will not raise his head backwards? Looking above, there is a […]

Annual Forecast on Apple (2013)

22 Jan 2013 @ 08:37
Apple shares (NASDAQ:AAPL) have been in a downtrend for about several months and will continue to do so for the rest of this year. The buyer is advised not to beat a bramble with their bare hand. On the chart above, 2 Trendlines and the Relative Strength Index period 14 are used. The Trendlines have […]

What We've Decided To Do In The Markets

21 Jan 2013 @ 01:03
TREND FOLLOWING IT IS! “The trending market is an ideal market to trade and make money. What trend following is not is prediction or forecasting about how the markets will go. Trend following is based on reacting to price, price and again, price. It is not based on trying to predict price directions.” – Michael […]

Everything seems to be costing more money..!

17 Jan 2013 @ 21:34
Brazilian Indicators Here in Rio everything seems to be costing more money..! and here is why: The Weekly consumer price index (CPI-S), the Brazilian Institute of Economics (Ibre) of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV), rose from 0.77% to 0.89%. Power: the rate reached 1.78% compared to 1.57%, Education, reading and Recreation: rose from 1.26% to […]

Annual Forecast on Google (2013)

15 Jan 2013 @ 16:26
In spite of the bearish correction it is currently experiencing, Google shares (NASDAQ:GOOG) are expected to become dearer this year. Buyers will therefore, do well by following the example of the bull. A horse follows the example of the one put before it in a race. The scenario on Google is bullish for this year. […]

Annual Forecast on Facebook (2013)

15 Jan 2013 @ 16:15
Facebook shares (NASDAQ:FB) will go in certain northward bias this year, as explained below. The effort of gloomy forecasters and sellers will be frustrated, as the bull remains unshaken. The sturdy stump does not shake. Whoever tries to shake the sturdy stump will end up shaking himself. The major trend is now bullish: a single […]

The Stock Market Secret Pros Know and You Don’t!

08 Jan 2013 @ 01:12
The 1 stock market secret pros know and you don’t. What did Lloyds do today? Were you able to follow it with the most up-to-date price data or are you still living like they did in the bad old days. In the old days a call to your broker would give you this information and […]

5 Ways to Catch 2013’s Market Boom

02 Jan 2013 @ 02:42
How many times have you read about a stock market crash and about how bad the economy is and then found out that, whilst the doomsters have been moaning on, the stock market has rocketed and you have missed it? Most people missed the whole recovery. If, instead of reading the media, you had bought […]

David Harding: A Triumphant Trend Follower

30 Dec 2012 @ 04:58
LEARN FROM GENERALS OF THE MARKETS – PART 19 “…In the last all but 15 years I have probably tested more than 500 systems or strategies, but only few of them have made it onto my list.” – Faik Giese David Winton Harding is a brilliant British funds manager, presiding over research at Winton Capital […]
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