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Building a Technology Stock Portfolio

31 Aug 2012 @ 00:50
The risk associated with the stock market frightens many potential and existing investors. Still, a well-built portfolio of stocks properly selected over a period generally outperforms alternative investments. In this article we are going to discuss different measures to keep in mind while building a portfolio of technology stocks. Companies engaged in the production/delivery of […]

5 Ways to Survive Pink Sheet Stocks

30 Aug 2012 @ 03:19
What do Great Wall Builders Ltd. (PINK: GWBU), Vision Plasma Systems Inc. (PINK: VLNX), Raystream Inc. (PINK: RAYS), North Spring Resources Corp. (PINK: NSRSE) and Rarus Technologies Inc. (PINK: RARS) have in common? They are classic pump and dump schemes which duped a number of naïve traders. Traders and investors who actively buy and sell […]

Timeless Traits of Victorious Market Wizards - Part 5

25 Aug 2012 @ 14:48
“I do not care if it is a white cat or a black cat. It is a good cat as long as it catches mice.” – Deng-Xiaoping The message borne by the articles in this series is that permanently successful traders have certain common traits. We’ve a lot to learn from them. One of them […]

Timeless Traits of Victorious Market Wizards - Part 4

18 Aug 2012 @ 14:06
“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.” – Louis L’Amour (Great American Storyteller) If you’ve lost up to 50% of your account, it means you aren’t competent: You ought to stop trading and go for further training (or why should you receive a margin call?). But […]

Timeless Traits of Victorious Market Wizards - Part 3

12 Aug 2012 @ 04:39
“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself…” – Leonardo da Vinci Fantasies are among the cheapest things in the world, since everyone fantasizes. Nevertheless, carrying out what you fantasize is sometimes not impossible, providing that it borders on reality. So realistic goals in trading are the objective plans that guide […]

Timeless Traits of Victorious Market Wizards - Part 2

06 Aug 2012 @ 20:31
“Chance only favors prepared minds.” – Louis Pasteur Intriguing questions about trading have been raised by many. Yet, we’d be happy to say that we’ve derived joy from helping others to become better traders. No achievement is better than the awareness of the fact that your professional activities are a huge benefit to some people […]

Why Value Investing?

31 Jul 2012 @ 00:23
In this exclusive extract from his Amazon Bestseller, CEO of ADVFN Clem Chambers explains why value investing is key to stock market success. Register for free, ADVFN provides the essential tools and information to make the right investment decisions. Over twenty years value investing will build wealth, but you will not be rich from it in a […]

How to make a billion dollars from stocks in 5 years.

30 Jul 2012 @ 22:19
First off, start with $1000. You thought you would need more didn’t you? No, $1000 will do. Now take your favorite stock, I’m going to pick Microsoft as our example. Microsoft is hardly the sort of crazy penny stock that the get rich quick merchants push at you and it isn’t some crazy pink sheet […]

Timeless Traits of Victorious Market Wizards - Part 1

29 Jul 2012 @ 03:42
“Trade and prosper – it is an attainable American dream.” – Mark. D. Cook As a trading expert, I’ve noticed different ways in which people view trading. Some people love trading, some people hate it. Some think financial websites are great; some feel those websites don’t help ultimately. Some like to overtrade, some open very […]

Take Control of Your Finances: An Insider's Perspective

25 Jul 2012 @ 23:45
In the current economic climate it can seem that getting the most out of your money is an uphill struggle. Faced with rising energy and fuel bills, relatively high levels of inflation, low returns on savings and a stagnating property market, it can seem that making even a meagre return on an investment is an […]
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