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Governmental insider trading, grrr . . .

12 Jun 2012 @ 20:06
I’m getting fed up with all the governmental insider trading. When the market rallies, you know damn well something will be announced in 3-4 days. This time around it was the Spanish bailout. That is why the market spiked and fell on Monday. The outsiders bought in and the insiders who were buying on tips […]

Summer Slump Warning Signs Flashing

06 Jun 2012 @ 20:00
A slump isn’t over before there is terror in the media; and whilst there is fear there is currently no headline saying “CRASH”. As such, I’m not optimistic that this summer slump is over. All the warning signs are flashing. The pound has collapsed against the Yen, a sign of a sudden flight to havens. […]

Flybe and Mothercare: I'm in

24 May 2012 @ 20:06
‘Buy now’ is not really a sensible thing to do as we could fall 10% more in the next few days. However we might not and when a stock looks right you should buy regardless. This has caused me to buy Flybe, which I suppose is a very risky buy. Airlines go bust all the […]

Nasty shake or summer crash?

21 May 2012 @ 20:05
This week will decide if this is the crash of the summer or the current move is just a nasty shake. I’m sitting on a little Lamprel, torn between taking a quick 25% profit and holding it for the long term and perhaps a 100% or more. The trouble with fast 20% profits is they […]

Interesting times in the market, don't you think?

09 May 2012 @ 20:05
Interesting times in the market. To crash or not to crash, that is the question. I feel it isn’t going to crash but that’s a guess. It’s a speculation that the market doesn’t like to deliver the expected and a crash is what everyone is thinking will happen this summer. Meanwhile the Euro is falling […]

Will May be bloody?

02 May 2012 @ 20:04
I always try and remind myself not to sell when my portfolio is suffering a reversal. The key thing is to ride out storms. As long as you are investing sensibly there is not too much to worry about. Only when something massively bad has/is happening should you think of selling, something huge like the […]

A shaky ride for C&W

25 Apr 2012 @ 20:04
It’s been a shaky ride for my Cable and Wireless but in the end holding on proved the correct thing to do. In previous years I would have bought in on the slump when Tata bought in but in the current environment I’ve not the nerve to trade these kinds of situation. The market is […]

Trinity Mirror so cheap I can't buy

20 Apr 2012 @ 20:03
It’s frustrating when two of your favourite stocks are falling and you already have enough stock. Becoming undiversified is a lethal mistake. As such, I have enough Trinity Mirror (TNI:L) and enough RM (RM:L) Trinity Mirror is very risky because there might be something very nasty under the hood – surely there has to be […]

Shareholder pillaging a growing trend?

17 Apr 2012 @ 20:02
It’s very hard to write a blog when you don’t fancy buying any stock. Stocks look ugly to me at the moment in the same way as people look ugly in a packed underground train. My portfolio has been, and is being, kicked – which is to be expected as it is a very high […]

No more FED stimulus?

05 Apr 2012 @ 20:02
The markets don’t like the fact that the FED reckons it is not about to do anymore stimulus in addition to the Himalayan levels it has already created. It could of course just be the beginning of the summer slump or, as I model it, yearly global wealth fund trade surplus rebalance. In any event […]
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