By Anne Steele 

Spotify Technology SA unveiled plans to vastly expand its presence in the world by launching in 80 more markets across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America.

The streaming company aims to collect millions of more music and podcast creators in addition to listeners with new programming, but also tools and functionality. Spotify will be available in 36 additional languages as the new markets it will reach represent access to more than one billion people.

In a streamed event Monday, the Stockholm company showcased top executives, artists and celebrities to outline its plans, including Billie Eilish, Jay Balvin, Prince Harry and Barack Obama. The event touted its growth over the past decade and pointed to the opportunity to feed its "flywheel" with new content and new listeners.

Spotify said more than 800 of its artists make more than $1 million a year by streaming their content on Spotify.

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