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Date: August 22, 2022

Bloomberg TV Closed Caption Transcript

Segment: Vishal Garg on Housing Market, Tech Layoffs

Series: Bloomberg Technology

Date: August 18th, 2022

Description: CEO Vishal Garg, who became famous for firing hundreds of Better workers over Zoom back in December 2021, joins Emily Chang to discuss his company’s new partnership with Palantir to create a mortgage platform where borrowers can leverage data to qualify for better loans. Plus, his thoughts on the macro environment, the wave of tech layoffs, and the SPAC landscape. (Source: Bloomberg)

BBTV Official CC-Transcript:


How will this marketplace work exactly. Well thank you so much Emily. We have 32 major institutional investors that are on our


platform today that actively buy loans. And what this will permit them to do is to use a far more granular data to make


loans to CIA eligible loans low moderate income eligible loans loans for homes with solar things that have traditionally been


very difficult for mortgage investors to provide discounts on or to make more affordable.


Yeah we’re heading into what could be a very prolonged economic downturn we’re already in it. You know this is never a good time


for the housing market. Why do you think now is the right time to launch this. I think affordability matters more than ever


before. And we’ve got three trillion dollars of capital that’s been raised for ESG funds and most of it never makes its way


into the mortgage market. So by creating Bloomberg for loans effectively working with Palantir what we’re gonna be able to do


is help families that are in sectors that are favored by ESG investors actively connect with those investors and effectively


be able to lower their cost of homeownership. Now what are the challenges that you think you’re going to face


in trying to bail us out. A home mortgage business at a time when the housing market is slumping if not crashing.


I think that demand for houses is down but there are still millions of homes being bought and sold every year in the United


States today and better com has grown fairly rapidly. We’ve grown from nothing to doing almost 100 billion of mortgages this


year. And so while the market is down we are still less than one percent


market share and we hope that we can continue to grow. And by making housing more equitable we can actually grow.


Addressing one of the issues that most homeowners face today. You’ve got a huge capital infusion from Softbank. Is this you


putting that capital to work. And how else should we see you putting that money to work. Yep. We did get a huge capital


infusion from Softbank and making homeownership more equitable while driving our business is the most wonderful type of


innovation that we can hope for. And so this is at the cutting edge by partnering with Talented. What we were gonna do in five


to 10 years we’ve been able to leverage our Softbank capital to actually make live this year.


Now I have to ask you about this the macro picture of course has been challenging for a lot of companies in the last year. You’ve


had layoffs laid off 9 percent of the company 900 people. You laid off via Zoom then an additional 3000. I know you got a lot


of heat for that. When you look back on that what would you have done differently. What do you think went wrong.


I think. We did a lot of things that were very wrong.


I should have handled the layoffs with more care and more empathy.


We were very lucky that because of the fact that we’re a digital mortgage company and a digital homeownership platform we were


actually able to see the downturn in the market. That is evidence today and that you see many many other mortgage


originators laying off thousands of people. We were able to see that as early as late last year. And so we’ve been able to get


ahead of it. We’ve been able to downsize to a burn. We’ve taken over a billion dollars in expense line items out of the


company’s cost structure. And we’re using that savings to now innovate and continue to serve customers.


So what are you doing differently now to manage costs to manage hiring to make sure you learn from those lessons. Something like


that doesn’t happen again. I think managing the up and down cycle of the cyclicality of the mortgage industry is something


that’s new to us. We’re again only a six year old company. And there are companies in the mortgage space that have been able to


manage that far superior to us. So what we’re keeping our pulse on is customer demand customer demand specifically for new


products and legging into growing those new products. Not at the rate that we did in 2020 where we grew almost 800 percent but


slowly legging into customer demand rather than what in startup land you get taught to do which is to blitz scale.


You’re also being sued by one of your former executives Sara Pierce alleging you misled investors in the process of trying to


go public. She is back. She’s also alleging retaliation. The S.E.C. is now looking into this. What’s your response to all of


this. I think it’s very hard for me to comment on matters that are in


active litigation or subject of an FCC inquiry. All I can say is every day we wake up and we find gratification in helping make


homeownership cheaper faster and better for more and more American families. And


the more we can keep on doing that the better the world will be. You’re also trying to take the company public I believe still


via SPAC. And I know there’s a deadline coming up for that. Is that still the plan and


especially given that this SPAC market has fizzled. How are you thinking about whether now is really the right time.


We’re evaluating all of our opportunities. And again I can’t comment publicly on it. All I can say is that we remain


committed to achieving greater capitalization so that we can have the funding to serve our customers. And we’re open to all


the different options out there that enable us to continue to be really well capitalized. So I’m curious for your thoughts on


this. We’ve been talking a lot about the funding that Adam knew. And the founder of We Work just received the biggest check ever


from Injuries and Horowitz to potentially revolutionize residential real estate or at least that’s what Marc Andreessen


seems to be hoping for according to his blog post. What do you make of that funding. I am so happy that the venture capital


community and entrepreneurs are still interested in revolutionizing the residential real estate market. Here we have


a 40 trillion dollar industry where consumers still pay 6 percent to buy or sell a home where consumers spend over 10


percent of the value of their home just transacting where it takes 60 days to transact. And so there are so many aspects of


the residential real estate market that need to be optimized and made work for consumers rather than brokers or


transactional intermediaries. And we really welcome the fact that there’s going to be more innovation and more capital and


more innovation in the space even if it’s going to. Adam Newman who at the very least is a very controversial founder. Adam


Newman is a controversial founder but he did revolutionize the idea of office space. Many of our offices are and we workspace.


And so. Wow. I can’t speak to any and all of the opinions that are out there in the market about him. We are delighted users of


the product that he helped create. And so if he can do the same for residential real estate good luck.



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