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Gooch & Housego PLC

30 November 2021

 For immediate release   30 November 2021 

Gooch & Housego PLC

("Gooch & Housego", "G&H", the "Company" or the "Group")


Gooch & Housego PLC (AIM: GHH), the specialist manufacturer of photonic components and systems, today announces its audited results for the year ended 30 September 2021.

 Year ended 30 September              2021    2020      Change 
 Revenue (GBPm)                      124.1   122.1        1.6% 
                                    ------  ------  ---------- 
 Adjusted profit before tax 
  (GBPm)*                             12.6     9.8       29.4% 
                                    ------  ------  ---------- 
 Adjusted basic earnings per 
  share (pence)*                     41.0p   30.5p       34.4% 
                                    ------  ------  ---------- 
 Statutory profit before tax 
  (GBPm)                               4.7     5.4     (13.2%) 
                                    ------  ------  ---------- 
 Basic earnings per share (pence)    13.6p   15.1p      (9.9%) 
                                    ------  ------  ---------- 
 Total dividend per share (pence)    12.2p       -         N/A 
                                    ------  ------  ---------- 
 Net debt excluding IFRS16 
  (GBPm)                               2.6     6.5   (GBP3.9m) 
                                    ------  ------  ---------- 
 Net debt (GBPm)                       9.2    14.7   (GBP5.5m) 
                                    ------  ------  ---------- 

-- adjusted figures exclude the amortisation of acquired intangible assets, non-underlying items being restructuring costs, site closure costs, settlement of lease litigation, interest thereon and interest on deferred consideration, together with the related tax impact.


-- Trading reflected a strong and improving end markets and initial benefits from our manufacturing streamlining programme, more than offsetting currency headwinds and some supply chain issues.

-- Industrial laser demand continues to be strong, driven by 5G rollout, use of new more flexible materials in microelectronic manufacturing and high worldwide demand for semiconductors.

-- Medical lasers continue to grow as elective surgery recovers. Medical diagnostics remain at previous high levels.

-- Ambitious manufacturing streamlining programme is largely complete, reducing manufacturing sites from 12 to 9. Previously announced annual profit benefit of GBP1.75m is on track starting FY2022.

-- Continued investment in R&D delivering strong returns with a record new product revenue contribution.

-- G&H remains committed to long term goals of further diversification into A&D and life sciences and moving up the value chain. We intend to pursue these policies vigorously through internal investment and where appropriate, acquisitions.


   --      Revenue of GBP124.1m, up by 1.6% or 6.4% excluding foreign exchange. 
   --      New products contributed a record GBP18.1m of revenue in FY2021 (FY2020: GBP16.9m). 
   --      Adjusted profit before tax of GBP12.6m, up 29.4%. Reported PBT GBP4.7m, down 13.2%. 

-- Strong cash flow over the year leading to further debt reduction. Net debt, excluding IFRS16, of GBP2.6m places G&H in a strong position to pursue strategic goals.

   --      Return of progressive dividend policy with a proposed full year dividend of 12.2p 

-- Year end order book of GBP97.8m, up 5.6%, or 8.6% excluding foreign exchange. Industrial and medical lasers are demonstrating a sustained recovery, while telecommunications and medical diagnostics continue to perform at a high level.

Mark Webster, Chief Executive Officer, commented:

" Trading during the year reflected a sustained recovery in the industrial and medical laser markets and a robust performance from telecommunications and medical diagnostics. An increasingly productive R&D group delivered record levels of new product revenue during the year.

"There was some drag on the Group's overall performance due to currency headwinds, self-isolation requirements and supply chain issues in parts of the business as we emerge from the pandemic. It was, however, a far better business environment than last year and we expect further improvement in the future.

"Our restructuring programme is enhancing the Group's margins and enabling us to better respond to our customers' needs. We are committed to vigorously pursuing our long term strategic goals and will continue to invest in R&D and where appropriate, acquisitions.

"The Board remains confident that G&H is well positioned to deliver further progress in FY2022 and substantial long-term growth ."

For further information please contact:

 Gooch & Housego PLC           Mark Webster / Chris Jewell    01460 256440 
                                 Christopher Baird / David 
   Investec Bank plc (Nomad      Anderson 
   & Broker)                                                    020 7597 5970 
                                 Mark Court / Sophie Wills 
   Buchanan                      g@h@buchanan.uk.com            020 7466 5000 


A pre-recorded presentation of the full year results, by Mark Webster, Chief Executive Officer, and Chris Jewell, Chief Financial Officer, will be available from 7.05am today, 30 November 2021, at the following link: https://webcasting.buchanan.uk.com/broadcast/6193ee6fbfda32066a17010f

Analyst Q&A meeting

A Q&A session for analysts will be held at 11:00am today, 30 November 2021. For further details please phone Buchanan on 020 7466 5000 or email g&h@buchanan.uk.com .

2022 Expected Financial Calendar

     Annual General Meeting                           23 February 2022 
     Interim Results announcement                     June 2022 
     Financial Year End                               30 September 2022 
     Announcement of results for the year ended       December 2022 
     30 September 2022 

Chairman's Statement

Group Overview

I have been delighted with the trading performance of the Group in the year. Nearly all of our markets have now returned to growth as economies emerge from the pandemic confirming the long-term strong growth prospects of the Group. Across all of the markets that we serve we are well positioned to benefit from the increasing use of our photonic technologies and systems capabilities to solve our customers' most technically challenging needs.

The consistent pursuit of our strategic objectives has been a key enabler of the Group's performance in 2021. Our focus on markets with strong growth drivers as well as our proven track record of supporting our customers with the development of their most sophisticated products has underpinned the Group's return to growth.

Our programme to streamline our manufacturing facilities is progressing well. The significant investment in our Ilminster precision optics centre of excellence is now substantially complete allowing that site to absorb production activities from our Glenrothes, Scotland and St Asaph, Wales sites. This project, together with the consolidation of our Baltimore, MD and Boston, MA facilities is helping us deliver margin enhancement, but also means we are able to offer a broader, more compelling range of products and capabilities. Our customers are increasingly looking to us to provide them with more advanced, integrated designs consistent with our strategic objectives.

The Environment and our Communities

The Board recognises how important the environment is to all of our stakeholders. We firmly believe that photonic technologies are a key enabler in the migration to a more sustainable world. But we are also focused on our own impact on the environment. We now track carbon emissions as one of our key performance indicators and have a programme in place to achieve year-on-year reductions. As part of that programme we installed solar panels at our Ilminster facility which, along with the existing solar panels fitted at our Torquay facility, means that we are now generating approximately 600 Kwp of electricity from solar sources. We will extend that capability in the current financial year by installing solar panels at our Ashford facility.

We also recognise the importance of supporting the communities in which we operate. As well as providing high quality, skilled jobs we encourage our employees to support local charities often matching with Company monies the amounts they raise.

The Board

Peter Bordui left the Board in February 2021 after nine years of service. We are extremely grateful for the direction and insights he provided through what was a period of great strategic and operational progress for G&H.

We were very pleased to be able to welcome Jim Haynes to the Board. Jim brings to the Group extensive experience from his distinguished executive career in the photonics industry where he held a range of senior leadership roles in engineering and operations, most recently Executive Vice President, Operations, at Oclaro/Lumentum.


Given the strength of the business recovery in the year and the positive outlook for the coming trading period, the Board is proposing a final dividend of 7.7 pence per share for approval at the Company's Annual General Meeting on 23 February 2022, giving a total of 12.2 pence for the year. Payment of the dividend will be made on 25 February 2022, to shareholders on the register as at 21 January 2022.


Our people are our most important asset. Their skills and experience are key to ensuring the long-term sustainability of our business. Our employees have shown great commitment to the business not only by adapting over the last 18 months to the new working practices required by COVID-19 but also in delivering the manufacturing facility streamlining projects. Their positive attitude has impressed the Board and we offer our appreciation and thanks for our employees' hard work and dedication through the year.


Looking forward, the Board is very optimistic for G&H. We are well positioned in our growth markets. Our restructuring programmes are enhancing the Group's margins and making it better able to respond to our customers' needs. Whilst the business is facing some near term challenges in recruiting to support our growth, and there are some constraints in our supply chains, we have no doubt we can build on the strong foundations of our technical expertise, our longstanding customer relationships and the skills and dedication of our people to deliver substantial future growth.

Gary Bullard


30 November 2021

Chief Executive Officer's Statement

FY2021 Performance

During the financial year 2021 G&H achieved revenue of GBP124.1m, representing an increase of 1.6% over previous year (FY2020: GBP122.1m), or excluding the impact of foreign exchange an increase of 6.4%. Adjusted profit before tax was GBP12.6m, an increase of 29.4% over last year (FY2020: GBP9.8m).

This reflected a strong and improving end market demand and initial benefits from our manufacturing streamlining programme, more than offsetting currency headwinds and some supply chain constraints. Overall, it was a far better business environment than last year, and we expect further improvement in the future.

Industrial laser demand continues to be strong, especially the semiconductor market, where there are a range of exciting growth opportunities for G&H technologies. Hi-reliability fibre couplers delivered a good performance, with greater usage in space satellites complementing the undersea cable business.

We completed a number of significant deliveries to our aerospace and defence customers. Life sciences performed well across the board. Medical diagnostics remained at previous high levels, with a product designed to improve respiratory function and oxygen uptake, as part of a ventilator system, performing particularly well. Orders for our specialist medical laser products have been strong as the market recovers from the low levels of elective surgery during the pandemic.

Our ambitious manufacturing streamlining programme has continued throughout FY2021, with further site consolidation and outsourcing of established products. The previously announced profit benefit of this programme is on track to be delivered in FY2022.

We have continued to invest in an active R&D portfolio and are working closely with many of our customers on their next generation products. New products contributed a record GBP18.1m of revenue in FY2021 (FY2020: GBP16.9m).

The Group delivered strong cash flow over the year and has further reduced its level of borrowings. Net debt, excluding lease liabilities was GBP2.6m at the year end, which places G&H in a strong position to pursue our strategic goals.

G&H has a robust order book. As at 30 September 2021 it stood at GBP97.8m (30 September 2020: GBP92.4m), 5.8% higher than the same period previous year or 8.6% excluding foreign exchange. The strength of the order book provides the Group with good momentum as it enters the new financial year. Industrial and medical lasers are demonstrating a sustained recovery, while telecommunications and medical diagnostics continue to perform at a high level.

Strategic Goals

Our long-term strategic goals of diversification and moving up the value chain have stood us in good stead during a challenging period. As the business environment is now showing significant improvement, we intend to pursue them with renewed vigour through internal investment and where appropriate, acquisitions.

Aerospace and defence (A&D) and life sciences provide a counterbalance to the exposure of the industrial laser business to the economic cycle. These sectors both have high product quality and compliance barriers to entry and tend to value systems over components. As they move towards greater use of photonics, G&H is increasingly well placed to serve these customers with our photonic technologies and enhanced systems capabilities.

Our aim is to provide a broadly equal split between the three sectors, industrials, A&D and life sciences. In FY2021 A&D represented 33.1% of our revenue and life sciences 22.1%. This represents considerable progress over the last few years, in particular with life sciences, which has benefited from organic growth in the traditional G&H areas of optical coherence tomography (OCT) and medical lasers and the acquisition of ITL.

Systems, subsystems and modules represent 33.2% of revenue. We have substantially improved our software, firmware, electronic and mechanical engineering capability, in large part through the acquisition of ITL. Its facility in Ashford, Kent has provided a platform for the creation of a systems engineering hub.

Streamlining of G&H's Manufacturing Base

Our streamlining programme has progressed well during FY2021. At the beginning of the financial year, we had 12 manufacturing sites and now have nine. We moved our Baltimore, MD production to our Boston, MA site creating a single US fibre facility. In the UK we have moved our Glenrothes, Scotland and St Asaph, Wales manufacturing to Ilminster, Somerset, creating a UK precision optics (PO) hub. Our world leading optical systems engineering team has been relocated to an innovation hub in St Asaph and they remain focused on target development projects. Outsourcing of our Ilminster AO production to a South-East Asian contract manufacturer is well advanced and the final product transfers are expected to be completed soon.

This has been achieved at a time when travel, especially to Asia, has been challenging and the results are a tribute to the tenacity of the G&H teams involved in delivering these projects. The previously announced FY2022 profit benefit of GBP1.75m is on track to be delivered.

We will continue to assess future opportunities for consolidation of our operations.

Research and Development (R&D)

Our global R&D team has reaped considerable benefit from concentrating our resources on fewer, higher return projects that the Group has identified as offering the best growth potential for our photonic technologies and system capabilities. During FY2021 we introduced 48 new products and delivered record new product revenue.

G&H continues to work closely with our industrial laser partners to develop their next generation products. There is especially strong activity with lasers that are used to manufacture semiconductors. Our industrial laser development activity ranges from 'state of the art' extreme ultra-violet ('EUV') lithography lasers used for nanoelectronics, redesigned market leading germanium AO modulators and specialist AO deflectors, through to providing critical components for the next generation designs of established products.

G&H's 'laser engine' technology is gaining real traction in directional sensing for wind turbines and security and defence applications. Our partner company is now selling their directional sensing unit for wind turbines into the large Chinese market.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) represent significant growth potential for G&H. We have expertise in the design, engineering and manufacturing of bespoke complex optical arrays in the IR spectrum for UAV imaging and communication systems. This area has been a source of multiple new products and systems in FY2021. We are currently working on 'thermal overlay' of our traditional optical sighting systems for armoured vehicles. This will be the first new product to come out of our innovation hub in St Asaph.

In November 2020, in collaboration with NEC Corporation and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), G&H fibre optic photonics and systems were at the heart of the successful launch of a satellite laser communication system. To our knowledge this is the first system of its type, and the aim is to demonstrate that laser communications can be a viable solution for future high speed and scalable space communications. This success has raised the profile of the teams based in Torquay and Boston, MA that developed the system and has led to further contracts in this area.

OCT is a non-invasive laser-based technology that delivers cross sectional diagnostic images. G&H is the market leader in supplying the technology for retinal scanning, which our customers deploy in opticians' offices. We are working with our partners on developing the next generation systems. The same technology is being applied to cancer and cardiovascular disease diagnosis. Our most recent cardiovascular diagnostic collaboration is now undertaking medical registration trials in the USA.

The acquisition of ITL brought a burgeoning medical diagnostics business and enhanced system capability. In addition to developing the next generation of existing products the R&D team at ITL are working on a range of novel medical diagnostics systems and the Group has expanded to meet the demands of our customers. We have three collaborations with Chinese medical diagnostics companies through our facility in Shanghai. We believe this has the potential to be a source of substantial growth as the Chinese Government is backing the development of a 'home grown' medical diagnostics industry.

Corporate Responsibility

We are proud of the way the organisation has responded to the challenges of the pandemic and have worked hard to ensure all our sites are fully COVID compliant. The health and safety of our staff, customers and suppliers remains our priority.

The Board is accountable to its shareholders and is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. To this end the Company has adopted the UK Corporate Governance Code (2018). In order to ensure the Company is meeting the most up to date standards, regular reviews of policy are held by the relevant committees of the Board of Directors.

G&H is committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all and aims to improve diversity at all levels of the organisation. Our recruitment partners have been instructed to ensure that they include women in all shortlist applications and we are actively engaged with encouraging women in engineering.

G&H is committed to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. We are consolidating our manufacturing facilities, and introducing other initiatives aimed at reducing our environmental footprint, such as the introduction of solar power at our three UK sites. The Executive Directors have specific environmental management and carbon reduction goals in their remuneration metrics.


The business environment improved markedly over the pandemic-affected 2020. We believe there will be further improvement in the next financial year and over the longer term.

FY2021 saw strong demand for industrial and medical lasers, telecommunications and medical diagnostics. The drivers of a sustained recovery in industrial lasers remain in place, as new technologies such as 5G roll out, along with greater use of new more flexible materials in microelectronic manufacturing and strong worldwide demand for semiconductors. We expect this demand led growth to continue in these sectors. Our year end order book is robust and 8.6% higher than the same time last year, excluding the impact of foreign exchange.

A&D sub-sectors of space satellite communications, optical arrays for gimbals on UAVs, and targeting and sighting systems all performed well in the last financial year. G&H supplies laser based navigational products for commercial and military aircraft. Our internal forecasts expect that the commercial aspect of this business will start to return to growth in 2023.

In FY2021 there was some 'drag' on performance due to currency headwinds, self-isolation and supply chain issues in parts of our business. It is possible that we may still see these factors affect performance in the near term. Mitigating actions have been taken by management in each of these areas.

G&H's plans to streamline our manufacturing operations have been largely completed during FY2021 and we are on track to deliver the previously announced FY2022 profit improvements. The benefits of having our US fibre optic capability housed on a single site and our UK precision optics (PO) production on one site should start to positively impact performance. Ilminster has throughout its history been a mixed AO and PO site and the efficiency and capacity improvements we envisage as the exclusively PO site embraces its new role should enable an enhanced offering to its predominately A&D customers.

New products are becoming an increasingly important part of our portfolio, as we continue to deliver record new product sales from an increasingly productive R&D group. We remain committed to invest in those areas identified as having the greatest potential. There continues to be substantial long term growth potential for our photonic technologies and system capabilities in all our target sectors.

G&H remains committed to our long-term strategic goals of further diversification and moving up the value chain. We intend to vigorously pursue these goals through internal investment and where appropriate, acquisitions. The Board remains confident that G&H is well positioned to deliver further progress in FY2022 and substantial long-term growth.

Mark Webster

Chief Executive Officer

30 November 2021

Operations Review


   Revenue                                        GBP55.6m (2020: GBP54.8m) 
   Adjusted Operating Profit         GBP7.1m (2020: GBP4.1m) 
   Operating Profit                           GBP4.5m (2020: GBP3.2m) 
   Percentage of Revenue            44.8% (2020: 44.9%) 

Market Drivers

   --      Post pandemic recovery in the industrial laser market. 

-- Roll out of 5G, new more flexible materials in microelectronic manufacturing and greater worldwide demand for semiconductors.

-- Next generation products such as EUV lithography lasers for nanoelectronics and new design germanium modulators.

   --      Increasing investment in continental connectivity of data centres. 
   --      Greater use of our hi-reliability fibre optic technology in space satellites. 

-- Increased investment in wind farms and border and infrastructure asset protection, both using a version of our 'laser engine' sensing technology.


Overall, sales of products into our industrial markets grew by 1.4% (7.2% excluding foreign exchange) compared to the prior year. We saw strong and sustained growth in our industrial laser and semiconductor revenues thanks to the recovery of the global economy from the effects of the pandemic. Our Asian markets led the recovery from the beginning of the calendar year but this was then supported in the second half of the trading period by demand from our US and European markets. The roll out of new technologies such as 5G, along with greater use of new materials in microelectronic manufacturing, are fuelling demand. We secured important new programme positions for our recently developed germanium acousto-optic modulator product, which will lead to recurring revenues for many years to come. This product is integrated in to the heart of the most advanced and efficient laser systems currently being developed by our OEM customers for use in semiconductor manufacturing. The movement of our Ilminster AO Q-switch production to a South East Asian manufacturer will enable us to more effectively compete in the increasingly price sensitive China market.

Our sensing modules generally form part of large infrastructure projects and there were some end customer programme delays that impacted on our revenues in this subsector during the period. Nevertheless, the underlying trend remains in our favour with photonics sensing products increasingly seen as the way to protect and improve the efficiency of infrastructure assets. For example, G&H products are used extensively to improve the performance of wind turbines used for clean energy generation and the focus on switching to energy created from renewable sources provides G&H with sustainable underpinning demand for its products in this area.

Volumes for our hi-reliability fibre couplers used in undersea cable networks remained at the raised level seen in FY2020. There is strong demand thanks to a sustained market drive for the transmission of more and more data for both business and personal consumption and the greater use of the same technology in space satellites.


-- Industrial lasers for materials processing applications. G&H supplies Q-switches and other acousto-optic, electro-optic and fibre optic products.

   --      Semiconductor for lithography and test and measurement applications. 
   --      Metrology for laser-based, high-precision, non-contact measurement systems. 
   --      Optical communications specifically for high reliability and high performance applications. 

-- Remote sensing for applications including asset protection, perimeter security, strain, temperature and pressure sensing.

-- Scientific research the largest proportion being nuclear fusion research and energy - laser technology is being used to recreate the conditions found in the core of the sun.

Growth Strategy

-- To work in collaboration with our customers to invest in R&D and process engineering in order to develop products that meet their most demanding needs.

-- To bring to the market new products and to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of technology in this important area. During FY2021 G&H introduced six new products in industrials generating GBP5.1m of revenue. We also completed important milestones on a multi-year contract with a laser system company to develop the next generation of Extreme UV lithography lasers for production of atomic level nanoelectronics.

-- To focus on niche markets that play to the strengths of G&H, principally those that demand high levels of quality and reliability, typically requiring technically challenging design and engineering input incorporating a range of our products. Those markets may require survivability in harsh environments.

-- To expand into and develop new geographical markets offering high growth opportunities, through leveraging and expanding the Group's global sales organisation. During the year we added to our Asian sales team so as to be able to exploit the growing market demand we see in that region.

-- To continue to focus our energies and investment on making the transition from a components supplier to a manufacturer of subassemblies, instruments and systems, where appropriate.

-- To maintain the strong relationships we have with our customers' development teams to ensure we are their preferred choice for supporting them in developing their next generation products.


   Revenue                                        GBP41.1m (2020: GBP41.4m) 
   Adjusted Operating Profit         GBP3.1m (2020: GBP2.8m) 
   Operating Profit                           GBP0.6m (2020: GBP1.5m) 
   Percentage of Revenue            33.1% (2020: 33.9%) 

Market Drivers

-- A&D markets require high product quality, reliability and high performance in harsh environments, which plays to G&H's strengths.

-- A&D is transitioning to photonic components and systems across a broad range of sub-sectors to secure size, weight, power and reliability benefits.

-- IR optical arrays deliver targeting, range finding, navigation and surveillance capabilities for the growing UAV market.

-- Similar capability combined with photonic sensor suites are now being used across a range of remotely controlled A&D systems for land, sea and air.

-- Space satellite systems developed by G&H have the ability to be deployed across a range of standard satellite, constellation satellite and near space UAV systems.

-- Optical systems used in armoured vehicles are being developed with additional digital capability.

   --      Direct energy capability will utilise optical and laser expertise. 
   --      Emerging inertial navigation platforms. 


Our A&D revenues declined by 0.7% during FY2021, compared with the equivalent period last year, but grew 4.3% excluding foreign exchange. In the UK we completed deliveries of optical sensor systems on several significant vehicles programmes working closely with the overall vehicle manufacturers. Future UK and European vehicle sustainment programmes which include the upgrade of the vehicles' optical sensor suite provide G&H with the prospect of significant future programme business in this area. We believe the investment we have made in prototyping vehicle based multi-wave band sensor systems positions G&H well to be selected on these programmes.

The launch of a G&H enabled satellite laser-based communication system was completed in November 2020. To the best of our knowledge this is the first of its type and this 'proof of principle' should provide the basis for further business in standard and constellation satellites and near space UAVs.

In the US our deliveries of gimballed optical systems for a multi-year unmanned air vehicle contract came to an end and although new programme positions were agreed for secure communication systems using photonics technologies, these will only move in to volume production in the coming financial years.

In the US we secured further business for our IR optical arrays used in the gimbals on UAVs for targeting, range finding and surveillance. They will come on stream with volume production in the near term.

Our Boston, MA facility transitioned two significant programmes from development to the volume production phase and we expect orders for further productions volumes to be secured in the coming financial year.

G&H has a market leading position in supplying laser based navigational systems for military and commercial aircraft. Our internal forecasts do not expect the commercial aspect of this business to return to growth until FY2023. This business improved across FY2021 and we are maintaining this important capability at our Moorpark, CA facility.


   --      Target designation and range finding used on both land-based and airborne systems. 

-- Guidance and navigation components for ring laser gyroscope and fibre optic gyroscope inertial navigation systems.

   --      Countermeasures for ground-based systems and airborne platforms. 

-- Space photonics G&H is leveraging its heritage of ultra-high reliability components for space applications in order to address the next generation requirement for fibre optics on satellites.

   --      Periscopes and sighting systems for land based armoured fighting vehicles. 
   --      Opto-mechanical subsystems for unmanned aerial vehicles. 

Growth Strategy

-- To continue to invest to move up the value chain from being a components supplier to a subsystems provider. Our customers are changing their business models and are looking for further outsourcing opportunities to companies such as G&H that are capable of providing broader solutions.

-- Further upgrading of our manufacturing processes and engineering in order to meet the needs of our customers. The investments made in new surface polishing machines for our newly formed UK Precision Optics centre of excellence in Ilminster are evidence of our intent to secure further market share in this sector.

-- To introduce a greater number of new products, including products which look to fill a market need, in a managed and cost effective way, as well as take on projects with a high technical content initiated by our customers. During FY2021 G&H introduced 33 new products and generated GBP9.4m of revenue from new products that addressed the A&D market including space satellite laser based communication systems, new sighting systems and IR lens assemblies for UAVs.

Life Sciences/Biophotonics

   Revenue                                        GBP27.4m (2020: GBP25.9m) 
   Adjusted Operating Profit         GBP4.2m (2020: GBP4.7m) 
   Operating Profit                           GBP3.5m (2020: GBP4.4m) 
   Percentage of Revenue            22.1% (2020: 21.2%) 

Market Drivers

-- Strong post pandemic recovery in laser enabled aesthetic procedures to tackle the pent-up demand caused by the COVID-19 response.

-- A larger, more affluent worldwide middle class influenced by social media and eager to access cosmetic and aesthetic procedures.

-- A strong, government driven programme within China to develop an indigenous life sciences sector, reducing its dependency upon Western equipment and technologies.

-- A growing aging population demanding a shift towards early diagnosis supports demand for our capabilities.

   --      More point of care and personalised medicine drives demand for volume diagnostic products. 
   --      New applications for optical coherence technologies. 


Our life sciences/biophotonics revenue grew by 5.9% in the year to 30 September 2021, compared with the prior year. When measured at constant currency this represents growth of 8.1%. Medical diagnostic demand remained at the high levels seen in the second half of FY2020. The continued strong performance of a product designed to improve respiratory function as part of a ventilator system has been a key factor.

In the financial year our ITL business secured important new programme positions with customers seeking our expertise to productionise medical diagnostic product concepts. In line with our established business model, we expect to secure recurring production revenues from these programmes once the initial work to develop producible product has been completed. We have expanded the medical diagnostics R&D group to meet the demand. The enhanced software, firmware, electronic and mechanical engineering capability enables further systems business within and outside G&H's life science business sector.

OCT systems and components delivered growth during the period. Demand for our specialist medical laser products, which was adversely affected by the pandemic induced reduction in elective procedures during FY 2020, has started to demonstrate a marked improvement in performance. Medical lasers using our components are able to provide new cosmetic procedures to patients, for example to significantly clear acne scarring. Overall these two sub-sectors were up 27% in the year, excluding foreign exchange.


-- Optical coherence tomography (OCT) primarily used in retinal imaging for the diagnosis of glaucoma and macular degeneration, but now including cardiovascular disease and cancer diagnostics.

-- Laser surgery used in a wide range of applications including prostate surgery, scar correction, cataract surgery, freckle, mole and tattoo removal as well as wrinkle reduction and teeth whitening.

   --      Microscopy: Modern, laser-based techniques are revolutionising the field of microscopy. 

-- Systems: G&H has a range of capabilities including full product development, design, manufacturing, certification and after sale service for the commercialisation of high-quality medical diagnostic, in vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices, precision analytical, electro-mechanical and laboratory instruments.

Growth Strategy

-- To continue to invest in R&D projects in close collaboration with our customers, to develop the existing portfolio of products and to ensure that they remain competitive. During FY2021 G&H introduced nine new products and generated GBP3.6m of revenue from products that address its life sciences/biophotonics market, especially in the medical instrumentation market.

-- Where appropriate to sell the full range of our life sciences/biophotonics products to a wider range of customers.

-- To utilise our systems capability to present our breadth of technologies as part of subsystems or systems.

   --      To make strategic acquisitions that are synergistic and complementary to our existing life sciences/biophotonics business, to help us build "critical mass" in this sector. G&H continues to seek acquisition opportunities and has the financial resources to execute on that strategy as it develops. 

Financial Review

Overview of the Year

Having demonstrated its resilience during the pandemic the Group's trading recovered well in FY2021. Group revenue for the year totalled GBP124.1m. This represents growth of 1.6% over the previous year, or 6.4% excluding foreign exchange.

We have seen sustained growth from our Industrial markets and revenues from our life sciences products and services remained at the high levels seen in the previous financial year. In our A&D sector deliveries to a number of important defence programmes grew, more than offsetting reduced demand from our commercial aerospace customers.

Our order book stood at GBP97.8m at the end of the financial year and intake exceeded revenue by 9% in the second half of the year providing good visibility for future revenue growth.

The Group's adjusted profit before tax increased to GBP12.6m (2020: GBP9.8m) representing a margin of 10.2% (2020: 8.0%). After the impact of adjusting items, including restructuring costs and amortisation charges for acquired intangible assets the Group's full year statutory profit before tax was GBP4.7m compared with GBP5.4m in the prior year. Adjusted profit before tax is a key alternative performance measure by which the Board evaluates the Group's performance as it better represents the underlying trading of the Group with restructuring costs, acquisition and disposal items excluded from this measure. Further details of alternative performance measures are provided later in this review.

We were pleased with the Group cash performance in the year with working capital levels reducing by GBP0.5m despite the increase in volumes of 6.4% compared to the prior year. At the same time investment in our production facilities continued with total capital investments of GBP6.2m made in the year. Our net debt excluding lease liabilities fell from GBP6.5m at the end of the prior year to GBP2.6m representing leverage of just 0.1x meaning we are well placed to execute on our acquisition strategy.


                                    2021               2020 
                             -----------------  ------------------ 
Year ended 30 September       GBP'000        %   GBP'000       % 
---------------------------  --------  -------  --------  ------ 
Industrial                     55,552    44.8%    54,811   44.9% 
---------------------------  --------  -------  --------  ------ 
A&D                            41,089    33.1%    41,390   33.9% 
---------------------------  --------  -------  --------  ------ 
Life Sciences/Biophotonics     27,433    22.1%    25,894   21.2% 
---------------------------  --------  -------  --------  ------ 
Group Revenue                 124,074   100.0%   122,095    100% 
---------------------------  --------  -------  --------  ------ 

Revenue for the year totalled GBP124.1m. Revenues from our semiconductor and industrial laser markets recovered strongly from the end of the first financial quarter. Demand for hi-reliability fibre couplers also grew albeit more slowly from the higher prior year comparative. These were partly offset by reductions in revenues to sensing markets where customer programme slowdowns impacted revenues.

In A&D significant optical system deliveries for armoured vehicles were completed on a number of customer programmes more than offsetting low levels of demand from our commercial aerospace customers.

Our life sciences/biophotonics business delivered year-on-year growth of 5.9% (8.1% at constant currency). Our medical diagnostics business grew further despite strong prior year comparators and there was a pleasing return of demand for our component used in skin medical laser treatments which had been impacted by the pandemic slowdown in the previous year.

Operating Profit

The Group's statutory operating profit was GBP5.4m (2020: GBP6.3m) after a charge for items excluded from adjusted operating profit of GBP7.9m (2020: GBP4.4m) including GBP5.9m (2020: GBP2.6m) in respect of the Group's manufacturing footprint consolidation programme and GBP2.1m in respect of the amortisation of intangible assets arising on business combinations (2020: GBP2.7m) Adjusted operating profit was GBP13.3m (2020: GBP11.2m) with the increase the result of improving volumes and the initial financial benefits of the Group's restructuring programme. A reconciliation between adjusted profit and statutory profit is shown below.

Alternative Performance Measures

Alternative performance measures are presented in these financial statements as management believe they provide investors with a means of evaluating the performance of the Group on a consistent basis. These alternative performance measures exclude the impact of non-underlying items on the Group's financial results. The Group's alternative performance measures and their reconciliation to IFRS measures are shown in the table below.

  --------------  ----------------  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
                         Operating        Net finance      Profit before       Taxation           Earnings         Operating 
                            profit              costs                tax                          per share         cash flow 
----------------  ----------------  -----------------  -----------------  ------------------  ---------------  ----------------- 
Year ended 30        2021     2020     2021      2020     2021      2020      2021      2020    2021     2020     2021      2020 
 September         GBP000   GBP000   GBP000    GBP000   GBP000    GBP000    GBP000    GBP000   pence    pence   GBP000    GBP000 
----------------  -------  -------  -------  --------  -------  --------  --------  --------  ------  -------  -------  -------- 
Reported            5,401    6,334    (721)     (942)    4,680     5,392   (1,276)   (1,610)   13.6p    15.1p   16,822    21,561 
----------------  -------  -------  -------  --------  -------  --------  --------  --------  ------  -------  -------  -------- 
 of acquired 
 assets             2,081    2,676        -         -    2,081     2,676     (460)     (397)    6.5p     9.1p        -         - 
----------------  -------  -------  -------  --------  -------  --------  --------  --------  ------  -------  -------  -------- 
 and site 
 closure            5,860    2,609        -         -    5,860     2,609   (1,151)     (392)   18.8p     8.9p    5,102     1,360 
----------------  -------  -------  -------  --------  -------  --------  --------  --------  ------  -------  -------  -------- 
Settlement of 
 lease dispute          -    (410)        -     (818)        -   (1,228)         -       271       -   (3.8p)        -     (410) 
----------------  -------  -------  -------  --------  -------  --------  --------  --------  ------  -------  -------  -------- 
Interest on 
 consideration          -        -        -       303        -       303         -         -       -     1.2p        -         - 
----------------  -------                    --------  -------  --------  --------  --------  ------  -------  -------  -------- 
Tax charge 
 of UK Deferred 
 tax at 25%             -        -        -         -        -         -       519         -    2.1p        -        -         - 
----------------  -------  -------  -------  --------  -------  --------  --------  --------  ------  -------  -------  -------- 
 Adjusted          13,342   11,209    (721)   (1,457)   12,621     9,752   (2,368)   (2,128)   41.0p    30.5p   21,924    22,511 
----------------  -------  -------  -------  --------  -------  --------  --------  --------  ------  -------  -------  -------- 

Net Finance Costs

The net underlying interest expense of GBP0.7m (2020: GBP1.5m) reduced by GBP0.8m. The reduction was the result of repayments made during the year by the Group against its credit facilities, detailed further below.


The tax charge for the year was GBP1.3m (2020: GBP1.6m) with an underlying tax charge of GBP2.4m (2020: GBP2.1m) after excluding a credit on non-underlying items of GBP1.1m. This resulted in an underlying effective tax rate of 18.8% (2020: 21.8%). The reduction in the rate was largely due to adjustments in respect of prior year balances arising from enhanced capital allowances. The rate reflects a combination of the varying tax rates applicable throughout the countries in which the Group operates, principally the UK and the USA.

Earnings Per Share

Basic adjusted earnings per share increased by 34.4% to 41.0p (2020: 30.5p), reflecting the increased profitability in the year. Basic earnings per share reduced 9.9% to 13.6p (2020: 15.1p). This reduction was due to the non-recurring items incurred in the year in relation to the Group's site rationalisation programme.

Cash Generation

Cash flow generated from operating activities was GBP16.8m, down from GBP21.6m in the prior year. This reduction was due to the non-underlying costs incurred in relation to the site rationalisation programme in the year amounting to GBP5.1m. Adjusted cashflow generated from operating activities, which excluded these non-underlying costs, was GBP21.9m (2020: GBP22.5m). This was the result of improved profitability, supported by disciplined working capital management. In total working capital reduced by GBP0.5m in the year despite the 6.4% increase in business volumes compared to the prior year. Cashflows for tangible and intangible fixed asset additions totalled GBP6.2m (2020: GBP6.4m). The final earn out payment for the Group's acquisition of the ITL business was made in the period. The payment of GBP3.25m represented that business achieving at its maximum level. The payment of an interim dividend in the year totalled GBP1.1m. The Group's strong cash generation allowed the repayment of $19.2m (GBP14.1m) of borrowings and the Group closed the year with net debt of GBP9.2m (2020: GBP14.7m) or GBP2.6m (2020: GBP6.5m) when lease liabilities are excluded.

Balance Sheet

The Group's total equity at the end of the year was GBP114.3m, an increase of GBP0.9m over the prior year. This comprised an increase of GBP2.3m from retained earnings, a GBP0.7m increase to reserves in relation to share schemes and a net reduction of GBP2.1m arising from foreign exchange and hedging movements.

During the year, additions to property, plant and equipment amounted to GBP5.4m (2020: GBP5.4m) and to intangible assets GBP0.8m (2020: GBP1.3m).

Dividend Policy

The Board has a progressive dividend policy. In determining the level of dividend the Board considers not only the adjusted earnings cover, but also looks to the future expected underlying growth of the business and its capital and other investment requirements. The Group's balance sheet position and its expected future cash generation are also considered. The Board also takes in to consideration the Group's principal risks. The Group's ability to pay a dividend is impacted by the distributable reserves available in the parent Company, which operates as a holding company, primarily deriving its net income from dividends paid by its subsidiary companies. At 30 September 2021, Gooch & Housego PLC had sufficient distributable reserves to pay dividends for the foreseeable future.

Given the strength of the business recovery in the year and the positive outlook for the coming trading period the Board is proposing a final dividend of 7.7 pence per share, giving a total of 12.2 pence per share for the year when combined with the 4.5 pence per share paid as an interim dividend in July 2021.

Funding and Liquidity

The Group's operations are funded through a combination of retained profits, equity and borrowings. Borrowings are raised at Group-level from the Group's banking partner and lent to the subsidiaries. At 30 September 2021 the Group had available undrawn committed and uncommitted facilities of $55.2m. The Group's borrowings are in the form of a US$ denominated Revolving Credit Facility (RCF). The RCF matures in April 2023.

The Group's leverage is expressed in terms of its net debt/adjusted EBITDA ratio. Under the Group's credit facility the figure for net debt used in this ratio excludes IFRS 16 lease liabilities and other IFRS 16 impacts. The Group's main financial covenants in its bank facilities states that net debt must be below 2.5 times adjusted EBITDA, and adjusted EBITDA is required to cover interest charges, excluding interest on pension schemes, by at least 4.5 times. At 30 September 2021 net debt/adjusted EBITDA was 0.1 times (30 September 2020: 0.4 times). Interest cover at 30 September 2021 was 34.2 times (30 September 2020: 10.8 times).

The Group maintains sufficient available committed borrowings to meet any forecast funding requirements.

Financial Risk Management

The Group's main financial risks relate to funding and liquidity, interest rate fluctuations and currency exposures. The Group uses financial instruments to manage financial risks arising from underlying business activities.

Foreign Currency

The Group's policy is to reduce or eliminate, whenever practical foreign currency transaction risk. The Group hedges expected foreign currency cash flows wherever possible.

The following are the average and closing rates of the foreign currencies that have the most impact on the translation of the Group's Income Statement and Balance Sheet into GBP.

                    2021     2020 
Income Statement    Average rate 
USD/GBP             1.37     1.28 
                   -------  ------ 
Euro/GBP            1.15     1.14 
                   -------  ------ 
Balance Sheet       Closing rate 
USD/GBP             1.35     1.29 
                   -------  ------ 
Euro/GBP            1.16     1.10 
                   -------  ------ 

Group Income Statement

For the year ended 30 September 2021

                                              30 September 2021                        30 September 2020 
                             Note   Underlying   Non-underlying      Total   Underlying   Non-underlying      Total 
                                                          (Note                                    (Note 
                                                             4)                                       4) 
                                       GBP'000          GBP'000    GBP'000      GBP'000          GBP'000    GBP'000 
 Revenue                        2      124,074                -    124,074      122,095                -    122,095 
 Cost of revenue                      (82,753)                -   (82,753)     (82,845)                -   (82,845) 
                                   -----------  ---------------  ---------  -----------  ---------------  --------- 
 Gross profit                           41,321                -     41,321       39,250                -     39,250 
 Research and development              (8,147)                -    (8,147)      (7,924)                -    (7,924) 
 Sales and Marketing                   (8,342)                -    (8,342)      (7,440)                -    (7,440) 
 Administration                       (12,294)          (7,941)   (20,235)     (13,759)          (4,875)   (18,634) 
 Other income                              804                -        804        1,082                -      1,082 
                                   -----------  ---------------  ---------  -----------  ---------------  --------- 
 Operating profit               2       13,342          (7,941)      5,401       11,209          (4,875)      6,334 
 Finance income                              1                -          1           16              818        834 
 Finance costs                           (722)                -      (722)      (1,473)            (303)    (1,776) 
                                   -----------  ---------------  ---------  -----------  ---------------  --------- 
 Profit before income 
  tax expense                           12,621          (7,941)      4,680        9,752          (4,360)      5,392 
 Income tax expense                    (2,368)            1,092    (1,276)      (2,128)              518    (1,610) 
                                   -----------  ---------------  ---------  -----------  ---------------  --------- 
 Profit for the 
  year                                  10,253          (6,849)      3,404        7,624          (3,842)      3,782 
                                   -----------  ---------------  ---------  -----------  ---------------  --------- 
 Basic earnings 
  per share                              41.0p          (27.4p)      13.6p        30.5p          (15.4p)      15.1p 
 Diluted earnings 
  per share                              40.5p          (27.0p)      13.5p        30.2p          (15.2p)      15.0p 
                                   -----------  ---------------  ---------  -----------  ---------------  --------- 

Group Statement of Comprehensive Income

For the year ended 30 September 2021

                                               2021      2020 
                                             GBP000    GBP000 
                                           --------  -------- 
 Profit for the year                          3,404     3,782 
 Other comprehensive (expense)/income 
  - items that may be reclassified 
  subsequently to profit or loss 
 (Losses)/gains on cash flow hedges           (468)       333 
 Currency translation differences           (1,621)   (2,105) 
 Other comprehensive expense for 
  the year net of tax                       (2,089)   (1,772) 
 Total comprehensive income for the 
  year attributable to the shareholders 
  of Gooch & Housego PLC                      1,315     2,010 
                                           --------  -------- 

Group Balance Sheet

For the year ended 30 September 2021

                                              2021       2020 
                                            GBP000     GBP000 
                                         ---------  --------- 
 Non-current assets 
 Property, plant and equipment              37,945     38,741 
 Right of use assets                         5,230      6,742 
 Intangible assets                          50,835     54,624 
 Deferred income tax assets                  1,883      1,432 
                                         ---------  --------- 
                                            95,893    101,539 
 Current assets 
 Inventories                                28,150     30,580 
 Trade and other receivables                28,310     26,298 
 Cash and cash equivalents                   8,352     19,734 
                                            64,812     76,612 
 Current liabilities 
 Trade and other payables                 (19,324)   (17,971) 
 Borrowings                                   (65)       (64) 
 Lease liabilities                         (1,588)    (1,832) 
 Income tax liabilities                      (481)    (1,120) 
 Deferred consideration                          -    (3,250) 
                                         ---------  --------- 
                                          (21,458)   (24,237) 
 Net current assets                         43,354     52,375 
 Non-current liabilities 
 Borrowings                               (10,903)   (26,211) 
 Lease liabilities                         (5,039)    (6,364) 
 Provision for other liabilities 
  and charges                              (1,447)    (1,692) 
 Deferred income tax liabilities           (7,582)    (6,294) 
                                          (24,971)   (40,561) 
 Net assets                                114,276    113,353 
                                         ---------  --------- 
 Shareholders' equity 
  Capital and reserves 
  attributable to equity shareholders 
 Called up share capital                     5,008      5,008 
 Share premium account                      16,000     16,000 
 Merger reserve                              7,262      7,262 
 Cumulative translation reserve              6,054      7,675 
 Hedging reserve                             (135)        333 
 Retained earnings                          80,087     77,075 
                                         ---------  --------- 
 Total equity                              114,276    113,353 
                                         ---------  --------- 

Group Statement of Changes in Shareholders' Equity

For the year ended 30 September 2021

                  Note      Called      Share     Merger    Retained    Hedging     Cumulative     Total 
                          up share    premium    reserve    earnings    Reserve    translation    equity 
                           capital    account     GBP000      GBP000     GBP000        reserve    GBP000 
                            GBP000     GBP000                                          GBP'000 
                        ----------  ---------  ---------  ----------  ---------  -------------  -------- 
 At 1 October 
  2019                       5,008     16,000      7,262      74,793          -          9,780   112,843 
 Profit for the 
  year                           -          -          -       3,782          -              -     3,782 
  income / 
  for the year                   -          -          -           -        333        (2,105)   (1,772) 
                        ----------  ---------  ---------  ----------  ---------  -------------  -------- 
  income / 
  for the year                   -          -          -       3,782        333        (2,105)     2,010 
                        ----------  ---------  ---------  ----------  ---------  -------------  -------- 
 Dividends           6           -          -          -     (1,803)          -              -   (1,803) 
 Share based 
  payments                       -          -          -         303          -              -       303 
  by and 
  to owners of 
  the parent 
  directly in 
  equity                         -          -          -     (1,500)          -              -   (1,500) 
 At 30 
  2020                       5,008     16,000      7,262      77,075        333          7,675   113,353 
 At 1 October 
  2020                       5,008     16,000      7,262      77,075        333          7,675   113,353 
 Profit for the 
  year                           -          -          -       3,404          -              -     3,404 
  expense for 
  the year                       -          -          -           -      (468)        (1,621)   (2,089) 
                        ----------  ---------  ---------  ----------  ---------  -------------  -------- 
  income / 
  for the year                   -          -          -       3,404      (468)        (1,621)     1,315 
                        ----------  ---------  ---------  ----------  ---------  -------------  -------- 
 Dividends           6           -          -          -     (1,127)          -              -   (1,127) 
 Share based 
  payments                       -          -          -         735          -              -       735 
  by and 
  to owners of 
  the parent 
  directly in 
  equity                         -          -          -       (392)          -              -     (392) 
 At 30 
  2021                       5,008     16,000      7,262      80,087      (135)          6,054   114,276 
                        ----------  ---------  ---------  ----------  ---------  -------------  -------- 

Group Cash Flow Statement

For the year ended 30 September 2021

                                                       2021       2020 
                                            Note     GBP000     GBP000 
                                                  ---------  --------- 
 Cash flows from operating activities 
 Cash generated from operations              7       16,822     21,561 
 Income tax paid                                      (575)    (1,119) 
                                                  ---------  --------- 
 Net cash generated from operating 
  activities                                         16,247     20,442 
                                                  ---------  --------- 
 Cash flows from investing activities 
 Acquisition of subsidiaries, net 
  of cash acquired                                  (3,250)    (4,750) 
 Purchase of property, plant and 
  equipment                                         (5,399)    (5,495) 
 Sale of property, plant and equipment                   38        353 
 Purchase of intangible assets                        (844)    (1,291) 
 Interest received                                        1        846 
 Interest paid                                        (505)    (1,399) 
 Legal dispute settlement                                 -      1,580 
                                                  ---------  --------- 
 Net cash used in investing activities              (9,959)   (10,156) 
                                                  ---------  --------- 
 Cash flows from financing activities 
 Drawdown of borrowings                                   -      8,346 
 Repayment of borrowings                           (14,093)   (12,610) 
 Principal elements of lease payments               (2,047)    (1,583) 
 Dividends paid to ordinary shareholders            (1,127)    (1,803) 
 Net cash used by financing activities             (17,267)    (7,650) 
                                                  ---------  --------- 
 Net (decrease)/increase in cash                   (10,979)      2,636 
 Cash at beginning of the year                       19,734     17,512 
   Exchange losses on cash                            (403)      (414) 
                                                  ---------  --------- 
 Cash at the end of the year                          8,352     19,734 
                                                  ---------  --------- 

Notes to the preliminary report

   1.         Basis of preparation 

The Preliminary Report has been prepared under the historical cost convention and in accordance with International Accounting Standards.

The Preliminary Report does not constitute statutory financial statements within the meaning of section 434 of the Companies Act 2006.

Comparative figures in the Preliminary Report for the year ended 30 September 2020 have been taken from the Group's audited statutory financial statements on which the Group's auditors, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, expressed an unqualified opinion.

The accounting policies adopted are consistent with those of the annual financial statements for the year ended 30 September 2020, as described in those financial statements.

   2.             Segmental analysis 

The Company's segmental reporting reflects the information that management uses within the business. The business is divided into three market sectors, being Aerospace & Defence, Life Sciences / Biophotonics and Industrial, together with the Corporate cost centre .

The industrial business segment primarily comprises the industrial laser market for use in the semiconductor and microelectronic industries, but also includes other industrial applications such as metrology, telecommunications and scientific research.

                              and Defence   Life Sciences/Biophotonics   Industrial   Corporate       Total 
                                   GBP000                       GBP000       GBP000      GBP000      GBP000 
 For year ended 30 
  September 2021 
--------------------------  -------------  --------------------------- 
 Total revenue                     43,619                       30,546       59,598           -     133,763 
 Inter and intra-division         (2,530)                      (3,113)      (4,046)           -     (9,689) 
--------------------------  -------------  ---------------------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 External revenue                  41,089                       27,433       55,552           -     124,074 
 Divisional expenses             (37,656)                     (22,367)     (48,180)        (84)   (108,287) 
--------------------------  -------------  ---------------------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 EBITDA(1)                          3,433                        5,066        7,372        (84)      15,787 
--------------------------  -------------  ---------------------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 EBITDA %                            8.4%                        18.5%        13.3%           -       12.7% 
 Depreciation and 
  amortisation                    (2,877)                      (1,561)      (2,856)     (1,011)     (8,305) 
--------------------------  -------------  ---------------------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 Operating profit 
  before amortisation 
  of acquired intangible 
  assets                              556                        3,505        4,516     (1,095)       7,482 
 Amortisation of acquired 
  intangible assets                     -                            -            -     (2,081)     (2,081) 
--------------------------  -------------  ---------------------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 Operating profit                     556                        3,505        4,516     (3,176)       5,401 
--------------------------  -------------  ---------------------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 Operating profit 
  margin %                           1.4%                        12.8%         8.1%           -        4.4% 
--------------------------  -------------  ---------------------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 Add back non-underlying 
  items and amortisation 
  of acquired intangibles           2,581                          738        2,541       2,081       7,941 
 Adjusted operating 
  profit                            3,137                        4,243        7,057     (1,095)      13,342 
--------------------------  -------------  ---------------------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 Adjusted profit margin 
  %                                  7.6%                        15.5%        12.7%           -       10.8% 
--------------------------  -------------  ---------------------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 Finance costs                      (144)                         (36)        (152)       (389)       (721) 
--------------------------  -------------  ---------------------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 Profit before income 
  tax expense                         412                        3,469        4,364     (3,565)       4,680 
--------------------------  -------------  ---------------------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
   2.         Segmental   analysis (continued) 
                              Aerospace      Life Sciences 
                              & Defence    / Bio-photonics   Industrial   Corporate       Total 
                                 GBP000             GBP000       GBP000      GBP000      GBP000 
 For year ended 30 
  September 2020 
--------------------------  -----------  ----------------- 
 Total revenue                   41,390             27,578       60,280           -     129,248 
 Inter and intra-division             -            (1,684)      (5,469)           -     (7,153) 
--------------------------  -----------  -----------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 External revenue                41,390             25,894       54,811           -     122,095 
 Divisional expenses           (37,295)           (20,543)     (48,004)         642   (105,200) 
--------------------------  -----------  -----------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 EBITDA(1)                        4,095              5,351        6,807         642      16,895 
--------------------------  -----------  -----------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 EBITDA %                          9.9%              20.7%        12.4%           -       13.8% 
 Depreciation and 
  amortisation                  (2,554)              (964)      (3,636)       (731)     (7,885) 
--------------------------  -----------  -----------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 Operating profit 
  before amortisation 
  of acquired intangible 
  assets                          1,541              4,387        3,171        (89)       9,010 
 Amortisation of acquired 
  intangible assets                   -                  -            -     (2,676)     (2,676) 
--------------------------  -----------  -----------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 Operating profit                 1,541              4,387        3,171     (2,765)       6,334 
--------------------------  -----------  -----------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 Operating profit 
  margin %                         3.7%              16.9%         5.8%           -        5.2% 
--------------------------  -----------  -----------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 Add back non-underlying 
  items and amortisation 
  of acquired intangibles         1,258                263          935       2,419       4,875 
 Adjusted operating 
  profit                          2,799              4,650        4,106       (346)      11,209 
--------------------------  -----------  -----------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 Adjusted profit margin 
  %                                6.8%              18.0%         7.5%           -        9.2% 
--------------------------  -----------  -----------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 Finance costs                    (128)               (32)        (189)       (593)       (942) 
--------------------------  -----------  -----------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 
 Profit before income 
  tax expense                     1,413              4,355        2,982     (3,358)       5,392 
--------------------------  -----------  -----------------  -----------  ----------  ---------- 

(1)EBITDA = Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation

Management have added back the amortisation of acquired intangibles, restructuring costs, site closure costs and amounts received in respect of litigation associated with a property lease in the above analysis. This has been shown because the Directors consider the analysis to be more meaningful excluding the impact of these non-underlying expenses.

All of the amounts recorded are in respect of continuing operations.

   2.         Segmental   analysis (continued) 

Analysis of net assets by location:

                      2021          2021         2021      2020          2020         2020 
                    Assets   Liabilities   Net Assets    Assets   Liabilities   Net Assets 
                    GBP000        GBP000       GBP000    GBP000        GBP000       GBP000 
                  --------  ------------  -----------  --------  ------------  ----------- 
 United Kingdom     85,163      (28,240)       56,923    89,807      (41,676)       48,131 
 USA                73,858      (18,006)       55,852    86,824      (22,999)       63,825 
  Europe               660          (64)          596       738          (52)          686 
 Asia Pacific        1,024         (119)          905       782          (71)          711 
                  --------  ------------  -----------  --------  ------------  ----------- 
                   160,705      (46,429)      114,276   178,151      (64,798)      113,353 
                  --------  ------------  -----------  --------  ------------  ----------- 

For the year to 30 September 2021 non-current asset additions were GBP4.3m (2020: GBP5.1m) for the UK and for the USA GBP2.5m (2020: GBP3.1m). There were no additions to non-current assets in respect of Europe (2020: GBPnil) or the Asia Pacific region (2020: GBPnil). The value of non-current assets in the USA was GBP48.1m (2020: GBP44.7m) and in the United Kingdom GBP47.8m (2020: GBP39.3m). There were no non-current assets in Europe or the Asia-Pacific region.

                            2021      2020 
                          GBP000    GBP000 
                        --------  -------- 
 United Kingdom           31,339    33,994 
 North America            45,915    45,554 
 Continental Europe       23,383    24,101 
 Asia Pacific and 
  Other                   23,437    18,446 
 Total revenue           124,074   122,095 
                        --------  -------- 
   3.             Income tax expense 

Analysis of tax charge in the year

                                              2021      2020 
                                            GBP000    GBP000 
 Current taxation 
 UK Corporation tax                            722     1,089 
 Overseas tax                                  292       631 
 Adjustments in respect of prior 
  years                                      (807)     (199) 
                                          --------  -------- 
 Total current tax                             207     1,521 
                                          --------  -------- 
 Deferred tax 
 Origination and reversal of temporary 
  differences                                    1     (255) 
 Adjustments in respect of prior 
  years                                        549       199 
 Change to UK tax rate                         519       145 
 Total deferred tax                          1,069        89 
 Income tax expense per income 
  statement                                  1,276     1,610 
                                          --------  -------- 
   4.             Non-underlying items 
                                            2021      2020 
                                          GBP000    GBP000 
                                        --------  -------- 
 Included within administration 
 Amortisation of acquired intangible 
  assets                                   2,081     2,676 
 Restructuring costs                       5,860     2,609 
 Property litigation settlement                -     (410) 
                                           7,941     4,875 
                                        --------  -------- 
 Included within net finance costs 
 Interest awarded in property litigation 
  settlement                                       -   (818) 
 Unwind of discount on deferred 
  consideration                                    -     303 
                                                   -   (515) 
                                            --------  ------ 
 Included within taxation 
 Tax effect of the non-underlying 
  items above                                (1,611)   (518) 
 Restatement of UK deferred tax                  518       - 
  balances at 25% 
                                            --------  ------ 
                                             (1,092)   (518) 
                                            --------  ------ 

The restructuring costs incurred in the year related to the streamlining of our manufacturing operations and consequent closure of our Baltimore, Glenrothes and St Asaph facilities. We are also outsourcing the production of our commodity AO products to a contract manufacturer in Thailand. The costs incurred in the period largely comprised staff costs, severance costs, travel costs and asset write downs at the sites being closed.

The UK deferred tax balances on timing differences expected to reverse after 1 April 2023 have been restated at 25%. This gave rise to a non-underlying income statement charge of GBP0.5m.

Restructuring costs incurred in the year ended 30 September 2020 related to expenses arising from the project to establish the Ilminster facility as our UK Precision Optics Centre of Excellence and the resultant closure of our Glenrothes facility. The costs recorded in the period principally comprised redundancy costs and the write downs of both property, plant and equipment and inventories of products which will be discontinued at the completion of the project.

In March 2020 litigation with the landlord of our Fremont facility was finally concluded. G&H was awarded a total of $3.6m (GBP2.8m) comprising damages, reimbursement of our costs and interest arising from the landlord's non-performance in respect of the lease and this amount was received in June 2020. The reimbursement of costs and interest received of GBP1.2m were treated as a non-underlying credit in the income statement whilst the damages element of the award were credited against the right of use asset held on the balance sheet.

   5.             Earnings per share 

The calculation of earnings per 20p Ordinary Share is based on the profit for the year using as a divisor the weighted average number of Ordinary Shares in issue during the year. The weighted average number of shares for the year ended 30 September is given below:

                                                   2021         2020 
 Number of shares used for basic earnings 
  per share                                  25,040,919   25,039,519 
 Dilutive shares                                239,603      174,664 
 Number of shares used for dilutive 
  earnings per share                         25,280,522   25,214,183 
                                            -----------  ----------- 

A reconciliation of the earnings used in the earnings per share calculation is set out below:

                                               2021                  2020 
                                                   pence                 pence 
                                        GBP000    per share   GBP000    per share 
                                       -------  -----------  -------  ----------- 
 Basic earnings per share                3,404     13.6p       3,782     15.1p 
 Amortisation of acquired intangible 
  assets (net of tax)                    1,621      6.5p       2,279      9.1p 
 Restructuring costs (net of 
  tax)                                   4,709     18.8p       2,218      8.9p 
 Interest on deferred consideration          -       -           303      1.2p 
 Property litigation settlement 
  (net of tax)                               -       -         (958)     (3.8p) 
 Restatement of UK deferred 
  tax                                      519      2.1p           -       - 
                                       -------  -----------  -------  ----------- 
 Total adjustments net of income 
  tax expense                            6,849     27.4p       3,842     15.4p 
                                       -------  -----------  -------  ----------- 
 Adjusted basic earnings per 
  share                                 10,253     41.0p       7,624     30.5p 
                                       -------  -----------  -------  ----------- 
 Basic diluted earnings per 
  share                                  3,404     13.5p       3,782     15.0p 
                                       -------  -----------  -------  ----------- 
 Adjusted diluted earnings 
  per share                             10,253     40.5p       7,624     30.2p 
                                       -------  -----------  -------  ----------- 

Basic and diluted earnings per share before amortisation and other adjustments has been shown because, in the opinion of the Directors, it provides a useful measure of the trading performance of the Group.

   6.             Dividends 
                                                2021      2020 
                                              GBP000    GBP000 
                                            --------  -------- 
 Final 2020 dividend: nil (Final 2019 
  dividend paid in 2020: 7.2p per share)           -     1,803 
 2021 Interim dividend of 4.5p (2020:          1,127         - 
                                            --------  -------- 
                                               1,127     1,803 
                                            --------  -------- 

The Directors have proposed a final dividend of 7.7p per share making the total dividend paid and proposed in respect of the 2021 financial year nil. (2020: nil).

   7.             Cash generated from operating activities 
 Reconciliation of cash generated 
  from operations 
                                                 2021      2020 
                                               GBP000    GBP000 
                                             --------  -------- 
 Profit before income tax                       4,680     5,392 
 Adjustments for: 
 - Amortisation of acquired intangible 
  assets                                        2,081     2,676 
 - Amortisation of other intangible 
  assets                                        1,275       984 
 - Loss/(profit) on disposal of 
  property, plant and equipment                    95      (27) 
 - Depreciation                                 7,030     6,901 
 - Share based payment charge                     735       303 
 - Amounts claimed under the RDEC               (280)     (315) 
 - Finance income                                 (1)     (834) 
 - Finance costs                                  722     1,776 
                                             --------  -------- 
 Total                                         11,657    11,464 
 Changes in working capital 
 - Inventories                                  1,888     2,042 
 - Trade and other receivables                (2,655)     6,812 
 - Trade and other payables                     1,252   (4,149) 
 Total                                            485     4,705 
 Cash generated from operating activities      16,822    21,561 
                                             --------  -------- 

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