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How can financial development reduce poverty?

21 Jul 2021 @ 01:17
There are many nations in the world where people suffer from extreme poverty. It has been a massive challenge for politicians and economists to come up with solutions to this issue. Many financial experts have presented many models over the years but none have really worked out very well, not on a global scale at […]

How is the cryptocurrency market currently looking?

20 Jul 2021 @ 19:27
If you had never heard of cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin and Etherum before 2021, you will almost certainly have heard about them this year. You can’t help but to have heard of it in the news, for both good and bad reasons. Values of numerous cryptocurrencies soared to record heights, new cryptocurrencies hit the market […]

The Rise and Fall of Dogecoin and Why People Gamble with It

19 Jul 2021 @ 20:52
Dogecoin was launched in 2013 as a “joke” cryptocurrency by its creators Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, who were software engineers at the time. Dogecoin was simply a way of making fun of the forecasts by other cryptocurrencies that they would take over FIAT currencies. At the time, it was never intended to be a […]

Moderninha Pro

16 Jul 2021 @ 23:16
Looking for the most modern and practical card machines? Businesses that are carried out today undoubtedly need the most modern as well as practical features in carrying out their various activities. With the coronavirus pandemic, the use of electronic payment methodologies became the main means. In this sense, the demand for credit and/or debit card […]

6 Reasons to Move Your On-Premises Servers to the Cloud ASAP

15 Jul 2021 @ 01:22
Having an on-premises server comes with a few advantages: you have full control over physical security, your in-house IT team can perform updates, and you’ll have an internal network even without an internet connection. While you can equip your internal network with the same type of software offered by cloud services, there are several key […]

Non-GamStop Gambling in the UK: The Most Essential Features of GamStop-free Sites

15 Jul 2021 @ 01:21
Since compulsive gambling is a serious social problem in the UK, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has decided to address the issue by creating several public projects whose mission is to facilitate reasonable and sane online gambling culture. One of such projects is GamStop, which purports to prevent compulsive gamblers from betting on the […]

The basics of business strategy in the online dating industry

14 Jul 2021 @ 23:00
Creating a business is no small feat and creating a successful one is harder still. The online dating industry is notoriously packed with competitors, but you can get your business off on the right foot by following certain tips. Take a look at these business strategies to ensure you have the highest chance to gain […]

VR, AR, AI & Other Key Technologies Affecting eCommerce Industry

13 Jul 2021 @ 01:54
Statista reports that a global survey of eCommerce decision-makers found that 73 percent of companies believe AI will help their business with personalization by 2020. These impressive statistics say only one thing – it’s time to study how VR, AR, AI, and other innovations are impacting the eCommerce market. If you keep an eCommerce website, […]

Why You Should Always Have a Strategy Before Investing, Speculating or Gambling

12 Jul 2021 @ 23:49
Whether individuals are investing, gambling or risking speculation, the use of established strategies should lead to better decisions with their portfolios. Whilst the stock market is often compared to a casino, this is not accurate and of course, speculation is entirely different. Investing With investing, individuals are making the best of opportunities that are likely […]

How to Choose a Stock Broker

12 Jul 2021 @ 18:50
A stereotypical stock broker is a Wall Street trader wearing a costume and tie that spends their days shouting orders to buy or sell securities. This is a picture from the past; these years more traders are switching to work online from platforms that let them buy and sell stocks by a couple of mouse […]
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