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Irving Kahn: The Oldest Living Investor in the World

01 Sep 2012 @ 19:26
Irving Kahn, who was born on December 19, 1905, is an American investor and funds manager. He was educated in New York and later served as a teaching assistance to Benjamin Graham at Columbia Business School. Graham himself was credited as being the creator of value investing methodology. Benjamin Graham had influence on Kahn and […]

San Leon Energy: A Favorable Pullback in the Market

30 Aug 2012 @ 18:00
San Leon Energy stock (LSE:SLE) has experienced a pullback in the context of an ongoing uptrend. In long-term bear markets, there is always a bull market (or bull markets) somewhere, and San Leon Energy is no exception. The current pullback may proffer bulls with a ‘buy’ signal, as the analysis below shows. When this occurs, […]

Borders & Southern Petroleum: Buy Low and Do It Right

29 Aug 2012 @ 22:09
The price on Border & Southern Petroleum (LSE:BOR) is offering a peerless opportunity for traders and investors to go long – doing so at a very cheap price. What is happening on the market generally presages a bullish bias, as it would be explained below. In the near term, it appears that the price is […]

Clem Chambers Newsletter: Bets on Sprint and ValueClick

28 Aug 2012 @ 21:50
It’s been a pretty bearish week. This is unsurprising, as it comes after a major rally, one that has paid off well. Even so, it’s never nice to lose for days in a row, even if it is small amounts. I’ve found myself buying a couple of US shares as a spread bet experiment – out of my “crazy punting” fund. […]

Timeless Traits of Victorious Market Wizards - Part 5

25 Aug 2012 @ 14:48
“I do not care if it is a white cat or a black cat. It is a good cat as long as it catches mice.” – Deng-Xiaoping The message borne by the articles in this series is that permanently successful traders have certain common traits. We’ve a lot to learn from them. One of them […]

Petropavlovsk: This Is Really a Difficult Market

23 Aug 2012 @ 21:25
The shares price of Petropavlovsk (LSE:POG) have gapped down with significant selling pressure. This is a bear market, but the market condition has been very difficult recently. The crucial thing is to pinpoint high probability entries or stay out of this market – as the analysis below would reveal. Every trader may derive gains from […]

Xcite Energy: An Opportunity to Buy Very Cheap

21 Aug 2012 @ 16:51
The shares price of Xcite Energy (LSE:XEL), though in an overall downward trend, is giving buyers a unique opportunity to buy very cheap and ride their profits to the sky. While it is good to follow the line of the least resistance, one should know when the least resistance would become the greatest resistance. Normally, […]

Long Live the Rally?

20 Aug 2012 @ 22:41
This rally continues to go vertical for me. Pace continues to rise so it’s a good job I top sliced and didn’t sell the lot. We must be nearing the end of this rally, as I’m starting to feel the old bullishness coming back to me – a sure sign we are near a top. […]

Timeless Traits of Victorious Market Wizards - Part 4

18 Aug 2012 @ 14:06
“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.” – Louis L’Amour (Great American Storyteller) If you’ve lost up to 50% of your account, it means you aren’t competent: You ought to stop trading and go for further training (or why should you receive a margin call?). But […]

Regency Mines: The Shares Skydive

16 Aug 2012 @ 22:00
The shares on Regency Mines have consistently shown weakness up till now: something that is expected to continue further. This is a bear market and it is very dangerous to go long right now. On the other hand, a discreet seller would have made a huge profit in this market, particularly those who sell rallies […]
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