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Main Approaches to Fundamental Analysis

26 Feb 2019 @ 22:58
Bottom-up (or micro) or top-down (or macro) Bottom Up This involves researching factors specific to a particular market and seeing how these measure up against others. For instance, in evaluating different companies a “bottom-up” investor will want to look at the company’s management teams, profit and loss account, balance sheet and valuation metrics such as […]

Understanding Forex Order Execution

26 Feb 2019 @ 01:07
Order execution isn’t as easy to understand as it seems at first glance. Not seldom investors and traders think their order is immediately executed when they click on “execute order”. As a matter of fact, there are various possible forms in which an order can be filled and when it actually happens. Moreover, the timing […]

Market challenges and alternative investment options to consider

25 Feb 2019 @ 19:59
In a year when many investors, analysts and market commentators are beginning to have serious worries about how the financial markets will perform, alternative assets continue to provide a true diversification option for investors across all levels. The even better news is that the option of alternative investment possibilities continues to grow, offering some protection, […]

Understanding The Concept Of Lots In Forex

12 Feb 2019 @ 22:58
Until now, spot forex trading takes place in a definite amount known as “lots.” This means the number of currency units a trader will sell or buy. 100,000 units of currency are the standard size for a lot. Today, we have a nano, macro, and mini lot sizes ranging in 100,  1000, and 10,000 units respectively. […]

Beyond Big Data – Retail Banking in the Age of Predictive Analytics

05 Feb 2019 @ 03:13
Since 2014, the retail banking sector has undergone significant changes across multiple business verticals, in a bid to keep up with the rapidly shifting technological landscape. Access to digital and mobile banking, new offerings and strong customer focus have been adopted unanimously within the sector. But there’s one major weapon in retail banking’s arsenal which […]

Offline digital SEO marketing

01 Feb 2019 @ 23:15
As per the current scenario, we can see a lot of businesses highly depend on marketing strategies. In recent years, millions of businesses have been started to develop and making millions through different deals. In order to make those jobs successful in common, the marketing is always playing a crucial role as per the sources. […]

Top 10 creative list for small business ideas to do at home in 2019

01 Feb 2019 @ 23:14
Generally, people are working in big reputation companies, but after a certain level of the stage, they used to quit due to many reasons. After quitting the jobs, they will be planning for various businesses to begin future. Well, choosing the jobs is not a big deal, but it is important to know whether the […]

Most Successful Business Idea List for 2018 to 2019

26 Jan 2019 @ 01:08
Are you interested to commence a Business? All you need is gather some business ideas from family, friends or even from relatives. If you get spark of good ideas, go for drafting business plan and execute it. It is the stepping stone hence try to concentrate on small scale business where you can invest low […]

Top online referrals for digital brand marketing and SEO services

26 Jan 2019 @ 01:07
Digital marketing is going to be the biggest thing when it comes to running the business in future. By following the digital marketing, you can expect the best level of business and make huge money in general. Before a decade, we just found offline marketing which takes a lot of time to reach among the […]

Common Trading Mistakes

24 Jan 2019 @ 20:57
Here are some of the most common mistakes that traders make. These errors can stop them from reaching their full potential as traders. Not using a Trading Diary The most successful traders out there all treat their trading like a business. Like any business, trading needs to be recording and documented as part of the […]
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