From Now On You Can Purchase Digital Goods With Dogecoin

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Cryptocurrency hasn’t stepped into the world of gaming in full swing. The vast majority of the cryptocurrency world belongs to the corporate side where businessmen and the higher-ups play around with Bitcoin and its alternatives (called altcoins or alternative coins).


But then some of the altcoins came forward that was catered towards a public audience or developed by a certain community. One such altcoin is the Dogecoin. The coin, initially made to ridicule other cryptocurrencies, was made based on a meme of the Shiba Inu dog breed. Due to this, the coin quickly gained popularity amongst memers who spread memes on social media platforms, such as Reddit and Twitter. This further helped the word spread out to more communities, such as YouTubers, gamers, and many others, adding up to the fame of the cryptocurrency. Not only that, but the fan-base continues to promote the Dogecoin, and has stuck to it with strong loyalty. This gives some hope, that Dogecoin may be the first cryptocurrency that has a stronghold in the gaming industry, perhaps even becomes a staple currency for gamers to work with. The idea may sound farfetched but it’s not that much of a mere dream. It has been worked upon by many in different ways, to get Dogecoin implemented in the gaming industry. Soon after Dogecoin’s launch in 2013, one of the earliest and most notable attempts done in 2014 was that of a game called VoidSpace.

Nicholas Gauvreau’s VoidSpace was a game under development for over 17 years. That’s a big chunk of time – nearly two decades. The game falls in the “massively multiplayer role-playing online game” genre, or MMORPGs to keep it concise.  The game features a massive, ever-expanding space universe that the player can explore from the beginning of the game. The universe expands and unlocks as the player ventures further. The prime objective of the player is to mine raw but valuable resources that can be used to build complex infrastructures and manufacturing facilities that will allow them to obtain much more advanced items and gear. Trading of goods, multiplayer battles, and group battles are also a mechanic in the game.

So how does Dogecoin come into play here? The mining mechanics of the game gave Gauvreau the idea to implement Dogecoin as a mineable resource in the game as well. Players could mine Dogecoin as a secondary in-game currency that could be transferred to their crypto wallet, such as Trust Wallet or MetaMask, as well. However, due to several controversies and matters that did not seem to please the fans very much, the game failed to incorporate this mechanic. However, as we are all bound to learn from our failures, this too can be seen as a start to something that can be further developed and implemented in future games. The possibilities are endless as always!

Though we have yet to hear of a game implementing similar mechanics at the moment for “willingly” mining your very own cryptocurrency in-game – yes, apparently it has been done to some extent for Bitcoin and others but not with the knowing consent of the players, which led to several fines and lawsuits for gaming companies. But Dogecoin, amongst other cryptocurrencies, have taken their first steps into the world of gaming. Several websites that host and sell games or content and merchandise associated with them, such as, have started to accept payment in cryptocurrency in exchange for digital currency such as OSRS GP or Roblox Robux, most notably and commonly in Dogecoin. This allows gamers to keep Dogecoin in the cash flow, overcome currency exchange hurdles and benefit in many other ways. The payments are made directly from the user’s crypto wallet using safe and secure Coingate trading platform.

Dogecoin even made its way into gambling. It is possible to get started on a gamble by playing Dogecoin Casino online from any part of the world. The gamble requires you to make a bet by depositing a certain amount of Dogecoin with the use of your crypto wallet. Then you move further along with the proceedings of the game such as how many lines you would want to play. The whole process expends less than a handful of minutes. If you think you’re lucky, give a shot at it.

That’s just some of the areas where we could see cryptocurrencies making their way as an important element integrated into the world of gaming, but over time, we expect cryptocurrencies, particularly altcoins that the majority can mine with ease such as Dogecoin, to make their way as irreplaceable staples in the gaming industry. Cryptocurrencies are slowly but steadily making progress as being more accessible to the common public, which makes it even more probable for them to pave their path into mainstream industries such as film and gaming. They carry a lot of unchartered potentials, such as safer transactions due to Blockchain and diminishing the currency barrier that individuals outside the US often tend to face.

Source: Alphacoders

Conclusively, it is safe to state that Dogecoin, in particular, amongst other cryptocurrencies, is making its way and developing in the gaming world. The process may seem slow at first, but it is very obvious how fast Dogecoin is making progress, and as soon as a greater community becomes more aware of it and the ease it offers over Bitcoin, we can expect it to be on the minds of every individual and be as mainstream as standard currency. That time may not be too far away so you better stock up on your Dogecoin before the Shiba Inu becomes too hard to catch.


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