Fascinating Characteristics Which Will Make You Fall in Love with Bitcoin!

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Bitcoin is a popular digitized currency having a gigantic market capitalization and trading volume in contrast to altcoins and another model of digital currency. Bitcoin might be a great investment asset, but the features of bitcoin as a payment method are just phenomenal, and these are some of the prominent reasons why bitcoin has acquired considerable popularity in the mainstream marketplace.


Bitcoin does not merely utilize traditional technologies such as smart contracts, blockchain, and proof of work, but there are several innovative technologies in the bitcoin network which assist bitcoin in achieving its fascinating characteristics.

Bitcoin might not be as stable as fiat currencies, but the ecosystem of bitcoin is subjected to minimal flaws and loopholes. There are websites like the Bitcoin System that can help you in availing profitable results in your bitcoin expedition. All the more, bitcoin is underlined as the optimistic future if utilized as a payment method at the very same time. Below mentioned are some of the fascinating characters of bitcoin; let’s have a look.

Political Independence!

The political independence of bitcoin is an exceedingly robust character of bitcoin, which makes it stand out amongst other possible currencies and digitized coinage. Decentralized characters of bitcoin are achieved with the assistance of a peer-to-peer network, which is composed of several computing entities and a nodding system.

Unlike bitcoin, fiat currencies are subjected to the rules of centralized authorities; all the more, these currencies are regulated merely by these entities. On the other hand, bitcoin is subjected to a set of its own entities. The number of nodes in the bitcoin ecosystem at the instance is nearly 10000.

Bitcoin has correspondingly blazed the trail of a decentralized finance system; all the more, the current market capitalization of decentralized finance is nearly 40 billion dollars. The utmost robust example of decentralized finance is the decentralized exchange platform which assists you in buying bitcoin and other digitized coinage commencing fiat currencies and vice versa.


Users’ secretion rendered by the bitcoin network is one of the prominent reasons for bitcoin adaptability in such a nominal range of time; you might be wondering what the anonymity of bitcoin is. The anonymity of bitcoin is referred to as the mechanism of bitcoin not revealing the actual identity of entities involved while making transactions. In a nutshell, bitcoin puts the best foot forward to sustain the user privacy involved in a transaction.

Bitcoin is not subjected to government authorities and mediation parties, so there is no requirement of personal details while making transactions. The only information you require while making a transaction is the wallet address.

The wallet address of the bitcoin complex is the only public identity that is compromised; the wallet address of the bitcoin network is composed of numbers and letters at the very same time; all the more, it does not demonstrate personal details of the sender or recipient in any case.

If you are making transactions or sending funds to any individual, you just need a wallet address. If you are receiving funds, you just have to compromise your wallet address.  All the more transactions of the bitcoin network are untraceable, but you must avoid using a similar bitcoin wallet address for every explicit transaction.

Irreversible transaction

You might be familiar with the fact that the traditional banking system is subjected to a feature of the reversible transaction, and the feature is utilized by fraudulent customers and entities to reverse transactions even if a service provider has offered the best in class services.

In a nutshell, this feature is exceedingly profitable for small-scale businesses to mitigate the probability of reversible transactions and chargebacks. Small scale businesses can accept bitcoin as a payment method in order to avail profitable results.

The prominent reason behind the irreversible transaction is a peer-to-peer network and securing hash algorithm. Securing the hash algorithm of bitcoin is a single way irreversible hashing function which means it converts every message into a hash function of 256 bit, and once the message is converted to the hash function, it cannot be reversed at all. To sum up, there is no buyer protection in bitcoin at all.

There are several other features of bitcoin like transaction cost, international transaction, and many more, but these are some of the robust features of bitcoin.


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