Clem Chambers

Dax - It's In the Hedging

05 Mar 2019 @ 02:04
While most of us were watching the US markets limber up for a crash in December, the Dax actually did crash. It fell from 13696 to 10279 – a 24.3% fall (the old school measurement for a market crash is a drop of 25%). Since then it has rebounded by 10%. The reason for the […]

Always Take a Tax Break

11 Aug 2015 @ 21:27
The mathematics of investing are harsh. When you make a profit you pay tax, but when you lose money there is no refund from yesteryear. So when you invest or trade you are in a silent partnership with the government which takes no risk at all. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be in on that […]

Euro Crashes Against Swiss Franc

15 Jan 2015 @ 22:30
The Swiss central bank has pulled the plug on the euro and the euro has dived across the board and crashed against the Swiss franc. So this is the background. During the euro crisis huge waves of hot money swamped the Swiss franc as fear of a euro collapse made international funds dash for safety. […]

Four Things to Do in a Stock Market Crash

16 Oct 2014 @ 20:51
“There are four things you should consider when the market starts to fall.” 1. Sell everything if you think it is starting to crash but don’t hurry. When the market begins to crash you will likely not hear a thing in the media about it. Spotting a crash has to come from you. If you […]

The Tools to Help You Invest

26 Jun 2014 @ 20:36
You would have thought, with all the news coverage that the stock market gets, that everyone would be trading. This interesting fact is, there are not that many people investing or trading in the market. Like tennis for every one person playing there are 50 watching. Most people stand on the side lines and wonder […]

The Dogs of Wall Street: 4 Trading Styles That Can Make You Money

16 Jun 2014 @ 19:39
The best way to build your wealth in the stock market is by investing. This takes time. Investing is a long term project and for most people it’s too slow and boring. This is a shame, because it is better to get rich slow than get poor fast. Most people want to trade because the […]

How You Can Get Rich Slow By Investing, Not Trading

28 Apr 2014 @ 20:19
ADVFN ran a promo for my newsletter and as a consequence we have quite a few new members. Interestingly, some of the email we got back after the mail out were along the lines of “25%???? Haha, is that all.” Incisive, honest and essential, Clem Chambers’ 101 Ways to Pick Stock Market Winners is the […]

Tech Stocks: Invest in Your Future

15 Apr 2014 @ 19:44
In this exclusive article Clem Chambers, Forbes columnist and author of the Amazon No.1 investing bestseller 101 Ways to Pick Stock Market Winners discusses 3 tech stocks to look for your investment portfolio. Today two centuries later technology companies are still darlings.The private investor loves tech stocks. They have done so forever. In the old days […]

Hot Stock Tips! Free Registration

10 Jan 2014 @ 02:42
What sort of stock tips does an investor need? Gold stocks, FTSE 100 stocks and oil stocks are must haves for any investor, but what about red hot penny shares, small caps, growth stocks, AIM listed shares and FTSE 250 shares? The list is endless! Not that long ago all that people had to go […]

So you want to make more Money? Time to start Investing

10 Dec 2013 @ 00:17
You wouldn’t drive with faulty windscreen wipers. You wouldn’t try to read a book with broken glasses. You might try and chop logs with a blunt axe, but you wouldn’t get very far. So why do people invest using the wrong tools when the right ones are available after only a few clicks? You might […]
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