Professor Glen Arnold

Words of wisdom for investors

22 Sep 2021 @ 21:39
Rule: Buy when others are selling and sell when others are buying One of John Templeton’s most famous mottos is ‘to buy when others are despondently selling and to sell when others are avidly buying’.  Such a policy requires a great deal of fortitude but it pays the greatest ultimate reward. Another is to ‘buy […]

How to Bargain Hunt for shares – advice from John Templeton

21 Sep 2021 @ 21:38
First rule: Don’t follow the crowd: John Templeton developed a knack for looking at investments in a different way to other investors, whether in a different country, with a different time horizon, using a different valuation method, or with a different level of optimism or pessimism. He would say that share picking is the only activity […]

John Templeton’s triumphs in South Korean and Chinese shares

20 Sep 2021 @ 21:19
In examining John Templeton’s Korea story we learn the importance of patiently accruing knowledge while waiting for the right opportunity.   As far back as 1983 Templeton declared that he thought South Korea would be the next ‘Japan’, but he did not invest his client’s money there because of the restrictions on capital removal from the […]

John Templeton became a great investor by going against the crowd, selectively

18 Sep 2021 @ 17:00
As Templeton gradually withdrew from the over-hyped Japanese market of the 1980s, he scoured the globe for neglected, under-rated stocks; and these were not all in the emerging economies. He had already made a 15-fold return by buying General Public Utilities after the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster in the late 1970s and was becoming […]

John Templeton makes billions investing in Japanese securities – lessons for us all

17 Sep 2021 @ 21:24
In the 1950s and 1960s Japan was perceived by American and other investors as a loser of wars, an industrial backwater and a small market.  Clearly its reputation was low, making trivial low-cost products; made in Japan meant low quality.  People dismissed the Japanese as never having the potential to lead on research or quality. […]

John Templeton – a great investor who made many others wealthy

15 Sep 2021 @ 21:42
In 1940 John Templeton bought for $5,000 an investment counselling firm with only eight clients owned by George Towne, an elderly man. With a name change to Towne, Templeton and Dobbrow and the purchase of second-hand typewriters and a second-hand library of research material and books (thrift at all times!), Templeton had arrived as an […]

John Templeton – perspective and judgement made him a rich investor

13 Sep 2021 @ 21:21
As a first-year Yale student John Templeton became interested in investment and began to read books on the subject in addition to his normal studies. He eventually bought his first shares with some money he had made from working his way through college. He purchased seven dollars of preferred stock of Standard Gas and Electric Company […]

John Templeton on buying cheap, enthusiastic markets, exploiting cognitive error and thrift

10 Sep 2021 @ 18:45
Sir John Templeton became a very wealthy investor.  He carried throughout his life sound principles formed in childhood and early adulthood Buying when others are ignoring the asset Around the Winchester, Tennessee (pop. 2,000), where John Templeton was born in 1912 and his father was a lawyer and entrepreneur, farms would occasionally fail, become subject […]

John Templeton – a great investor teaches today’s investors so much

09 Sep 2021 @ 21:35
We can all learn a great deal from the principles and the experiences of people who turned out to be terrific investors. The gems of insight they offer us can make the difference between our investment choices being mediocre or being exceptional.  John Templeton was one of the best, outperforming over a seven-decade career. His […]

Covent Garden shares sold after the recovery

06 Sep 2021 @ 21:57
I’ve sold my shares in Covent Garden owner, Capital and Counties (LSE:CAPC), at £1.743, after a 69% rise in just ten months. They were bought in the pit of the winter wave of Covid-19 in the belief that life would return to normal eventually in central London, tourists would return and offices would fill up […]
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