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Nervous about a market reverse

28 Feb 2012 @ 21:18
The market has had a great run up and I’m nervous it could go into reverse for a bit. However it it rallies further it will rocket. This nervousness is nothing new as I’ve been unhappy with the market the whole time I’ve been buying back in. Every now and again I buy a little […]

Drax, Bank of Ireland and Promethean

28 Feb 2012 @ 21:17
I’m torn between feeling unhappy with the market and imagining the long recession has turned. I suppose I’m thinking about the end of the double dip. If it is the end of this bust cycle, then prices will rally immensely in the next 2-3 years. This is far from certain. I am just starting to […]

Why I have bought Dixons and AstraZenica

27 Feb 2012 @ 21:18
I have bought Dixons and AstraZenica. The latter is a simple decision. It’s paying a fat dividend and has a low P/E. More than that; it is way cheaper than GSK. This is an argument most people don’t like. They think GSK is nothing like AZN, or Daily Mail is nothing like Trinity Mirror. For […]

Are equities finally making a comeback?

22 Feb 2012 @ 21:19
The key issue for me going forwards is inflation. I believe inflation is going to halve the value of cash in the next 5 years and if the governments of the West don’t play their cards right then inflation will shoot to about 10% and we will have a replay of the 70’s with 15-30% […]

The markets off on a long term rally?

20 Feb 2012 @ 21:19
The market feels too high for me but it will quite likely go higher. I couldn’t resist buying some Aviva; dividends in the 7% area and a P/E around 7 is just too tempting to resist. If the market is off on a long term rally, as I feel is a strong possibility, then Aviva […]

The markets are twisted, but are there bargins to be found?

13 Feb 2012 @ 21:20
Its all well and good writing investment books and being a pundit on global economics, but can you make money investing? So how is this euro crisis working out for me then? Having bailed a little bit late in the summer slump yet still missing a large chunk of the actual fall and all of […]

Permanent “bullish” or “bearish” positions are simply not useful

08 Feb 2012 @ 21:21
From a markets perspective, rarely is the eternal pessimist – i.e the investor currently thinking the world is going to hell in a hand basket – correct. Permanent “bullish” or “bearish” positions are simply not useful. In investment, you must be able to swing from happy to sad. Doing so is essential if you are […]

Facebook - you have to love their IPO!

02 Feb 2012 @ 21:21
You have to love Facebook and their IPO. They may not have yet monetised their massive usage on their site, but at $100 a user they surely will have monetised their traffic on Wall Street. Some details: • Facebook plans to raise $5bn in IPO, but this could rise • Company made $1bn of profit […]

Looking at the FTSE and Dow, have the markets gone back to normal?

30 Jan 2012 @ 21:21
There are conflicting signals in the market. 2011’s summer slump was meant to have been caused by European economic uncertainty and the possibility of the Eurozone’s violent implosion. Yet the crisis seems far from being resolved, whilst the markets, at least outside of the euro core, have recovered much of the lost ground. Does this […]

Were you brave enough to buy equities in the euro crisis?

26 Jan 2012 @ 21:22
Anyone brave enough to have bought equities in the pit of euro crisis anxiety is looking pretty clever. The markets of Europe and the U.S. have been rallying hard since the euro summit.It was agreed that most of EU countries would tie themselves tighter together for the sake of their common currency. Pundits don’t seem […]
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