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Hormel Foods Reports Q3 Results (HRL)

24 Aug 2012 @ 00:23
Food processing company, Hormel Foods Corp. (NYSE:HRL) reported a 13% jump in fiscal third-quarter earnings as its sales continued to soar.

Facebook’s Instagram Acquisition Deal Cleared by FTC (FB)

24 Aug 2012 @ 00:21
Bringing an end to its antitrust investigations on Wednesday, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has approved Facebook Inc.’s (NASDAQ:FB) acquisition of Instagram. Accordingly, Facebook is now allowed to complete its acquisition of Instagram.

Facebook – Share crash to continue - Target Price cut from $7.30 to $5 and Zuckerburg will have to go

22 Aug 2012 @ 23:14
I have explained numerous times since Facebook  (NASDAQ:FB) stock IPO’d at $38 a share in mid May why I think that the shares are on fundamentals worth no more than $7.30. Actually it is pretty hard to put any value on this company as there is just so little visibility of earnings. And for that […]

China Hard Landing – the Underpants Evidence

22 Aug 2012 @ 22:43
I have warned so many times that China is set for a hard landing in the second half of 2012 that if you have ignored my numerous articles then there is probably no helping you at any stage. But I shall try again and I shall be brief. That is a pun. I am talking underpants here. […]

The Libor Scandal Is Far From Over - It's Only Just Begun

17 Aug 2012 @ 01:32
“What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” Was there a banking scandal in Sir Walter Scott’s day, or did he foresee one coming?  Whatever, the answer, he sure got it right.  The banking world is a mess.  It seems like Barclays has been in the headlines more often in the […]

Standard Chartered Crisis Timeline

15 Aug 2012 @ 23:30
Standard Chartered (LSE:STAN) is a global bank offering financial services in nearly 70 countries.  Although headquartered in London, the bank is heavily involved in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.  The banking firm often provides its services in developing countries with emerging markets.  This business strategy made it one of the best performing banks during […]

The Buck Never Stops in Washington: Corporates, Governments, Thick as Thieves

14 Aug 2012 @ 06:40
In Washington, D.C., there is a cozy connection between business and government. Corporate donations of large sums of money to their politicians, parties and special interest groups of choice are legion. Since the donations are considerable in most cases, it makes one wonder exactly what the businesses are getting out of the deal. Obviously nothing […]

The Death of Equities…look back in history ( 33 years to be precise)

14 Aug 2012 @ 00:03
After any bear run in shares some folks always grab headlines by saying we have seen “The Death of Equities.”  Heck, you have lost your shirt it sounds believable. And so when major bond investor Bill Gross proclaimed the Death of Equities on August 1st he grabbed the headlines. Before you rush out to buy […]

Manchester United – Biggest Brand in Sport? Why DealCloud? – Target price $7: Sell

13 Aug 2012 @ 17:28
I explained on Friday why the Manchester United (NYSE:MANU)  IPO was, at $14, a joke. I am asked what I think that the stock is worth? I am not sure that there is any terribly scientific answer to that as there are so many imponderables/unknowns, but since most are on the downside I would happy to […]

Manchester United – An Obama JOBS special – an IPO for Morons

11 Aug 2012 @ 07:49
Whenever President Obama says Jobs you know bad news is on the way. He has spent hundreds of billions creating non Jobs while squeezing the private sector (which creates real jobs) ever harder. But the JOBS I refer to here is his JOBS act which allowed “emerging growth companies” to float in the US with […]
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