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The Corbyn effect / Revolution ! JFK

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Are we having a social, economical and spiritual revolution?


I cannot believe that I am actually getting interested in British politics again … We have had one fake leader after another in UK … well dressed and manicured who should be serving 1000 life sentences for crimes against Britain/humanity … treason, deceit and impersonating a British prime minster amongst many crimes they have committed and to this day commit  …  puppets of the central usury/ slavery merchants … The central bankers who do not even live in this country but extract it for the benefit of foreign interests ( our taxes).

We are expected to pay interest on unpayable debt for perpetuity … on money that never even existed? Where is the money by the way? someone must have these 1000 s  of Trillions …

I believe every word Corbyn says, every single word. He is a decent human being who does not want to leave this world without having an affect. he is 100% genuine.

But look at the real power behind him …The deciders/handlers with  all knowing smirks (that woman HH) … they are not with us, they will let him carry on until it is time to stop him / blackmail him, or get rid of him / replace him with a fake/ puppet/actor or accuse him of some misconduct  he did when he was 12 ……. Recall what they did to JFK ? ( end of hope) … But I am happy for now … He speaks for me … He speaks from the heart.

Maybe I will never be able to post here again after this … but never been a sell out … never will be.

Will Corbyn change things? No, because he is at the mercy of the Central Bankers … likes of Bank of England ( a private bank for the benefit of the individuals controlling it rather than England).

Will FTSE sink?… maybe just temporarily,  but if it drops below 6,000 we are going for 5,000 the drop will have nothing to do with Corbyn. The market knows that his party is the controlled opposition and can be used in their agenda if and when needed.

Nothing will change … Corbyn or not … But I want him nevertheless … just because it is nice to hear a real person … and not a well rehearsed professional actor.

All in my humble opinion and no investment advice intended.

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  1. Clive Kinski says:

    Blimey Andre! I’m with you on this – everything except you saying nothing will change. It may not but then again it may.
    One thing that’s not been tried is total (naive if you wish) positivity – envisioning the world we want to see, believing it’s possible, and sticking to it. And stopping envisioning (by endlessly ‘rationally’ restating) the world we don’t want to see.

    So let’s not help the likes of the Daily Mail by predicting (as if a fact) the worst about Corbyn’s chances – and thereby helping to undermine the seed of enthusiasm that is arising nationwide and is being felt by all those people who find at least part of themselves responding to Jeremy’s call to recognise everyone as members of one planetary family that respects and looks after all life on Earth.

    I know what you mean about the most likely scenarios and outcomes concerning Jeremy, but leaving the possibility for hope open feels so much better to me than being the habitual so-called realist that this society indoctrinates ‘educated’ people to be. I’ve tried that way of thinking for 40+ years and it doesn’t seem to help much at all and frankly feels like shit!
    Best wishes for your continued employment and improvement of ADVFN! :-)

  2. Andre Minassian says:

    I fully understand what you mean and where you are coming from, I have never been so excited about British politics and real change back to humanity, decency, common sense and creating a society that everyone is treated fairly, even the billionaires. Perhaps I am scared to feel hope, scared to feel things will be ok, as the chances of getting disappointed is stacked against us.So many good people have been stopped just before they could change things and they have sank us back into being hypnotized by TV and the media they control.
    I will support him however I can, I look for news of him every day several times, he is hope. I sincerely hope and wish that I am wrong … and you know what I will do Clive. I will put my negativity aside on this and think this is the change and support it. Good luck to everyone . There is enough wealth in this world to have every single person live a good life. It is an abundant life, just wish the takers could see this. Being super wealthy does not bring real happiness to the people who are super wealthy. Human connection and love do.
    kind regards

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