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Revuto Closes Private Funding Round Worth $1.7 Million Ahead Of Upcoming Public Offering

18 May 2021 @ 22:31
Backed by leading angel investors and firms, Revuto will soon launch its Cardano-based dApp to simplify payments for subscription services. The team has raised $1.7 million from its recent private funding round to continue developing the app.   Revuto’s dApp Will Disrupt The Subscription Economy The rising acceptance of cryptocurrency subscriptions across mainstream platforms like […]

Stock Trading Opportunities in May – Go Short or Go Long – It’s Your Call

14 May 2021 @ 20:03
May is shaping up to be a tough month for equities. Rising inflation, a tech pullback, and increasing yields are hitting markets hard. What to trade in May? On the face of it, the month of May 2021 began with a boom. However, two weeks in and things aren’t looking quite so hot. As of […]

deFIRE Completes $5 Million Pre-IDO Funding Round To Bring DeFi To Cardano

14 May 2021 @ 01:00
A lot of companies are successfully closing funding rights as of late. As decentralized finance gains more popularity, it is essential to extend this functionality to as many blockchains as possible. deFIRE wants to bring DeFi to Cardano to create new opportunities and incentives.   A Bold Move By deFIRE The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry […]

Virtue Poker Taps SuperFarm For IDO Purposes And Future NFT Integration

12 May 2021 @ 23:00
As the NFT industry keeps growing and evolving, so does the number of competitive platforms. SuperFarm, a well-respected NFT platform in the industry, forged a strategic partnership with Virtue Poker. That partnership will bring positive attention to SuperStarter, the launchpad hosting the Virtue Poker IDO. Upcoming Virtue Poker IDO Existing cryptocurrency and blockchain projects need […]

3 Companies Using Blockchain to Disrupt Unexpected Markets

09 Mar 2021 @ 19:41
Since blockchain technology was first introduced in 2008, it has been reconfigured and moulded to fit a huge array of use cases, and has widely been described as a potentially transformative technology for many industries. But while blockchain could have a hand in disrupting practically every modern industry, some are already mid-transformation, as a number […]

How to FOMO Into Bitcoin the Right Way

26 Jan 2021 @ 20:33
In the context of cryptocurrency investments, fear of missing out (FOMO) is the term often used to describe the intense feeling of anxiety or regret people can get when they believe they are missing out on a lucrative investment opportunity—such as when Bitcoin (BTC) or another cryptocurrency is experiencing solid growth at the time. While […]

5 Crypto Investment Trends to Expect in 2021

08 Jan 2021 @ 19:37
The crypto market never sleeps, and the spate of innovation never slows. New use cases and applications for cryptocurrency are regularly emerging, while enterprising developers are creating new ways to interact with tokenized assets and generate profitable trading opportunities. While defi was the trend that dominated 2020, complete with the abilities for yield farming, decentralized […]

Is Blockchain the Future of Digital Identity?

30 Dec 2020 @ 20:43
The internet used to be a tool largely concerned with entertainment, a primitive games console of sorts. Today, however, many of us live our lives online. It’s where we play, yes – but it’s also where we communicate, where we shop, where we bank. We complete mortgage applications online, store sensitive personal data with a […]

Car finance - the next bubble to burst?

16 Dec 2020 @ 20:33
Car finance has been a sector that has shown excellent growth but there could be some clouds on the horizon in the shape of the FCA and PCP One of the most popular areas for private investors in recent years has been financial services and if you pick your stock right you can certainly achieve […]

Is PayPal Really Ready for Crypto?

08 Dec 2020 @ 20:35
In cryptocurrency quarters, 2020 will forever be remembered as the year that digital currencies finally started to go mainstream. In August, Goldman Sachs created a new position for head of digital assets, appointing an internal candidate who previously ran the bank’s internal funding operations. JPMorgan, formerly one of the most outspoken skeptics of Bitcoin, admitted […]
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