Thierry Laduguie

FTSE 100: Mixed Signals

23 Aug 2018 @ 19:47
Sometimes the analysis is not strong enough to suggest the market will move up or down. We are in this situation with regard to the FTSE 100. There are two ways to interpret the Elliott wave pattern, either the FTSE is in the midst of a decline to 7400 or it is at the start […]

FTSE 100 Preparing For the Next Major Move

01 Aug 2018 @ 17:35
The best trading opportunities occur when both sentiment and the Elliott wave pattern point in the same direction. When sentiment is bullish there an increased probability the FTSE 100 will rally. Sentiment is bullish right now but the Elliott wave pattern points to a decline, so no high confidence in one outcome or the other. […]

FTSE 100: Bull or Bear Market?

17 May 2018 @ 20:40
Sometimes I get emails from people asking me if I am sure we are in a bear market. No one can be sure because a forecast is based on probabilities. If the probability of a bear market is 80%, there is 20% chance the FTSE 100 is in a bull market. If the FTSE rises […]

The Dollar, Bonds and the FTSE 100

08 Mar 2018 @ 22:59
Stock markets are rebounding form the recent lows, sentiment is changing from bearish to bullish. That was expected because the decline has stopped. Declining prices fuel bearish sentiment, so when the market goes sideways or rally for an extended period of time, bearish sentiment will recede and bullish sentiment will return. We could see this […]

The Death of Gold is a Buy Signal

15 Dec 2017 @ 01:55
Gold has been depressed and has underperformed other assets since 2011 when the yellow metal parabolic rise ended. There are many reasons why gold is depressed. The media cites three main reasons; rising stock markets, dollar strength and the distraction from bitcoin. To say that gold is weak because the stock market is rising has […]

FTSE 100 is Leading The Way

06 Dec 2017 @ 23:39
My sentiment indicator (BTI), has been accurate at forecasting the stock market decline. Sentiment turned bearish at the end of October, the FTSE 100 has been in a downtrend ever since. But sentiment is not a timing indicator, it lags the trend so when the index finds a bottom and turns up, sentiment will still […]

Time to Get Out of Bitcoin

24 Nov 2017 @ 00:27
Many banks and financial organisations have already said they will not touch bitcoin. If you are a private investor I would say the same thing applies. I understand why so many people are trading bitcoin, it is hard to find an alternative investment where you can double or triple your money in the next few […]

FTSE 100: First Wave Down is Complete

16 Nov 2017 @ 22:55
Sentiment as indicated by my sentiment indicator (BTI) turned bearish a week before the FTSE 100 peaked at 7582.9. We have a good example of bearish sentiment at work here. I remember when I was calling for a decline at the start of November, despite the strength of the market and despite the fact that […]

FTSE 100 In a Critical Resistance Area

31 Oct 2017 @ 23:16
After the rally in the first half of October, there is a risk the FTSE 100 will turn down to resume its decline. The October high at 7565.1 remains intact, this level is close to the all time high at 7599. There is strong resistance in the area 7565-7599. Based on the Elliott wave pattern […]

FTSE 100 Sideways Trend is Coming to an End

15 Sep 2017 @ 00:25
The stock market rally is running out of steam, the FTSE 100 is breaking down and the S&P 500 is at key resistance. The FTSE 100 has been trading sideways for months, today it looked as if it was going to re-test the upper range above 7400. The index was near 7400 until midday when the […]
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