Branded Legacy, Inc. Strengthens Position in BioTech Industry with Letter  of  Intent to Purchase Sycamore BioPharma, LLC


The Company will secure over 2 Million in assets as well  as personnel necessary for clinical trials in upcoming acquisition


Melbourne, FL -- February 29, 2024 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Branded Legacy (OTC.PK: BLEG), Inc., a leading BioTech holdings company, announced today the  signed letter of intent to purchase Sycamore BioPharma, LLC, an established developer of plant based pharmaceuticals. The strategic move aligns with Branded Legacy's commitment to expanding its portfolio in the biotech sector and further solidifies its position as a key player in the industry.


Sycamore BioPharma has garnered a reputation as a prolific product developer, offering a meticulously curated line of wellness solutions ranging from gummies to compression sleeves and pain-relieving topical creams.  They currently possess over 2 million in assets and over $500,000 in high quality ready to sell inventory.  With a commitment to quality, authenticity, and a passion for natural ingredients, Sycamore BioPharma has become a trusted name in the industry.


"Branded Legacy is excited to welcome Sycamore BioPharma into our family of companies," said David Oswald, CEO at Branded Legacy, Inc. "This strategic acquisition will not only complement our existing portfolio but also reinforces our commitment to providing innovative solutions for wellness and health. Sycamore BioPharma's expertise in botanical extracts, sustainable plant-based products, and natural Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients perfectly aligns with our vision for the future of bio-tech."


The collaboration between Branded Legacy and Sycamore BioPharma is poised to create synergies across various aspects of the business. Branded Legacy's web properties, brand management, and marketing teams will work in tandem with Sycamore BioPharma to maximize the reach and impact of their innovative wellness solutions. This integration will enable a seamless exchange of ideas, expertise, and resources to enhance customer experiences and elevate both brands in the market.  In addition Branded Legacy will add another PHD holding scientist, Dr. Mark Hamann, to its roster.  This will not only bolster efforts in developing novel pharmaceuticals, but will also streamline the FDA approval process, especially with regards to  clinical trials. 


"Sycamore BioPharma has crafted a unique and high-quality product line, and we see immense potential in amplifying its reach through our branding, marketing, and sales channels," said Doug Holladay, CMO at Branded Legacy, Inc. "Our dedicated teams will work closely to integrate Sycamore BioPharma's offerings into our comprehensive strategy, ensuring that these exceptional wellness solutions reach a broader audience."


The acquisition will provide Sycamore BioPharma with access to Branded Legacy's extensive network, enabling the company to tap into new markets and demographics. The combined resources and expertise of both companies will enhance Sycamore BioPharma's ability to connect with consumers, build brand loyalty, and drive sales growth.


Sycamore BioPharma brings state-of-the-art extraction equipment to the table, further bolstering Branded Legacy's already robust extraction capabilities. This combined technological prowess will fuel advancements in product development, ensuring the delivery of superior, research-backed remedies that set new standards in the biotech industry. "We are thrilled to welcome Sycamore BioPharma into the Branded Legacy family. This strategic acquisition will greatly enhance our existing technological infrastructure  The addition of their high volume Critical CO2 extraction capabilities to our existing CO2 capacity is a crucial step in securing a major Kavalactone extraction and refinement contract. In turn we will employ our recently acquired topical and cosmetic packaging equipment as a huge cost saving measure to Sycamore BioPharm's operations. Together, our combined capabilities propel us to the forefront of innovation, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, scientifically-backed solutions that set new standards in the biotech industry." Said Joseph Holladay, Branded Legacy COO.


Branded Legacy, Inc. looks forward to the strategic collaboration with Sycamore BioPharma, aiming to drive innovation, improve customer experiences, and shape the future of the biotech industry. With a shared dedication to quality, authenticity, and a passion for wellness, the partnership between Branded Legacy and Sycamore BioPharma is poised to reshape the landscape of natural products processing and sustainable plant-based solutions.

This acquisition comes at a great time as Branded Legacy has recently signed several large white label manufacturing deals, ensuring throughput and creating a clear path to profitability.


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