Branded Legacy, Inc. Significantly Expands Asset Portfolio and Production Capacity Through Successful Acquisition of Sycamore BioPharma, Inc.


"Company Prepares for Clinical Trials with Esteemed Addition: Dr. Mark T. Hamann, Endowed Chair of Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences at the MUSC College of Pharmacy"

Melbourne, FL -- March 12, 2024 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Branded Legacy (OTC.PK: BLEG), Inc., a trailblazing BioTech holdings company, proudly announces the strategic acquisition of Sycamore BioPharma, Inc, a distinguished developer of plant-based pharmaceuticals. This strategic milestone not only fortifies Branded Legacy's standing as a prominent player in the biotech sector but also secures assets exceeding $2 million, along with key personnel crucial for advancing clinical trials following this successful union.

Renowned for its meticulous development of wellness solutions, ranging from gummies to compression sleeves and pain-relieving topical creams, Sycamore BioPharma has earned acclaim as a prolific product developer. The acquisition brings forth over $500,000 in high-quality, ready-to-sell inventory and aligns seamlessly with Branded Legacy's dedication to quality, authenticity, and a commitment to natural ingredients.

David Oswald, CEO at Branded Legacy, Inc., expresses enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, "Branded Legacy is thrilled to embrace Sycamore BioPharma into our family of companies. This tactical move not only compliments our existing portfolio, but also brings us several steps closer to our goal of achieving FDA approval for several of our pharmaceutical products.." 

The acquisition not only opens new markets for Sycamore BioPharma but also provides access to Branded Legacy's extensive network, enhancing the company's ability to connect with consumers, build brand loyalty, and drive sales growth. It was also a crucial step in securing and maintaining a slew of large white label manufacturing and extraction contracts.  

Tyler Stone, President of Sycamore Biopharma, Inc., is also enthusiastic about the acquisition stating, "Branded Legacy brings significant strengths in areas where Sycamore BioPharma was seeing significant challenges.  Their network and consumer outreach will undoubtedly drive sales growth of our innovative products and we are proud to be a part of the Branded Legacy network of companies."

The collaboration between Branded Legacy and Sycamore BioPharma is poised to unlock synergies across various business facets. Leveraging Branded Legacy's web properties, brand management, and marketing expertise, the integration aims to maximize the reach and impact of Sycamore BioPharma's groundbreaking wellness solutions. Furthermore, the addition of Dr. Mark Hamann, a PHD holding scientist, to Branded Legacy's roster will enhance efforts in developing novel pharmaceuticals and streamline the FDA approval process, particularly in clinical trials.

Dr. Mark T. Hamann, the newly appointed Director of Clinical Trials at Branded Legacy, brings a wealth of expertise as the Charles and Carol Cooper/SmartState Endowed Chair of Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences at the Medical University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy. Holding Adjunct appointments with The University of Maryland's Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology and the Bigelow Marine Laboratory in Maine, Dr. Hamann's distinguished career commenced in GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing at Solvay Pharmaceuticals in Baudette, Minnesota. 

Throughout his career, Dr. Hamann has authored over 250 scientific papers, reviews, and book chapters, while mentoring over 100 graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting scholars. Dr. Hamann's graduate studies led to the discovery of the anticancer agent, kahalalide F, which advanced to clinical trials in collaboration with biotech company PharmaMar. Currently serving as an Associate Editor for Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, General Subjects, Dr. Hamann's research group is actively engaged in the isolation, structure determination, and synthesis optimization of natural products and toxins. Their focus on plant and invertebrate microbiomes aligns with Branded Legacy's commitment to sustainable pharmaceutical development.

Dr. Hamann's ongoing projects include the preclinical development of a small pipeline of natural products with potential applications against cancer, emerging infectious diseases, and neuropsychiatric disorders. His extensive experience and dedication to advancing scientific frontiers make him a valuable addition to Branded Legacy's mission to deliver high-quality, scientifically-backed solutions in the biotech industry.  Branded Legacy has already begun supplying the Medical University of South Carolina with samples of mitragynine extract in order to build an effective experimental design for addiction mitigation.   Although these trials are arduous, Branded Legacy is committed to doing whatever is necessary to support  the process and offer these therapies to the patients who need them as quickly as possible

In other company news, Branded Legacy has just completed a move to a significantly larger facility, accommodating the expanding operations and facilitating enhanced capabilities. The move comes in tandem with the acquisition of millions of dollars worth of state-of-the-art scientific and extraction equipment, solidifying Branded Legacy's commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in the biotech industry.

The new facility not only provides increased space for research and development but also positions Branded Legacy to meet the rising demand for its innovative wellness solutions. The acquisition of advanced scientific and extraction equipment further strengthens the company's technological infrastructure, supporting its endeavors in drug discovery, pharmaceutical development, and the optimization of natural products.


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