Branded Legacy, Inc. Innovates with Launch of the First 100% Clear Kava-Based Vaping Product on the Market

Three New Products Released Today, With Six More on the Horizon


Melbourne, FL -- February 6, 2024 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Branded Legacy, Inc. (OTC.PK: BLEG), a prominent Biotech company, proudly announces a major breakthrough in research and development efforts, leading the pack on new procedures for the extraction and refinement of kavalactones.  In addition, The Alcannabist LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Branded Legacy , announced the official release of its new line of groundbreaking products designed to address diverse health and wellness needs.

CEO Dave Oswald had this to say about recent developments in the lab: "In the past, other companies were only scratching the surface in their efforts to extract and refine kavalactones.  Prior to our team taking on the challenge of producing a superior product, the best the market had to offer was a decent purity level with an inconsistent opaque appearance. We were able to make a high purity extract that was completely translucent and very flavorful on the first day.  When we presented our extract to our kava suppliers, they asked to move forward immediately with a white label contract.  Needless to say, we are very excited about the potential of these developments."

The Alcannabist's new products, which include: VapeRx Anti Anxiety, ElixRx Migraine/Headache Support, and Mood Mix Capsules, are now officially on the market. This marks a significant expansion of The Alcannabist's product offerings.  Three of their six new products, (VapeRx Plus Kava Anti Anxiety Rescue, VapeRx Plus Kava Sleep, and VapeRx Plus Kava Pain Management),  will be added to their VapeRx line in the coming weeks. The other three, ElixRx Plus Kava Anti Anxiety, ElixRx Plus Kava Sleep, and ElixRx Plus Kava Pain Management, will be included in their ElixRx line.  These products will be the first of many additions to their soon to be released Kava Plus family of therapeutics.

Joseph Holladay, Chief Operating Officer of Branded Legacy, and one of the principal developers of these products, expressed excitement about the new Kava Plus product lineup, stating, "Our team is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that cater to diverse wellness needs. These new Kava Plus products represent a significant step forward in our commitment to providing effective and accessible options for our customers.  The Kava Plus line is one that I'm particularly excited about. We had great feedback on our CBD based sleep, pain and anxiety products, but we feel the addition of Kava has the ability to supercharge them for many of our customers, and the response we've gotten so far  has surpassed our expectations." 

Newly Released Products:

VapeRx Anti Anxiety Rescue: A revolutionary CBD vape, carefully crafted to provide relief from anxiety. This product leverages the calming properties of CBD and scientifically derived combination of terpenes to offer users a soothing and calm state of mind.

ElixRx Migraine: Specifically formulated to address headaches and migraines, ElixRx Migraine offers targeted relief with a proprietary blend of terpenes and cannabinoids designed to alleviate all types of headaches.

Mood Mix Capsules: Mood Mix introduces a mitragynine product in convenient 25ml powder capsules, offering users a unique and controlled way to incorporate this botanical substance into their wellness routines. Mood Mix is formulated to improve mood, alleviate pain, and provide a sustained energy boost.

Upcoming Product Releases:

VapeRx Plus Kava Anti Anxiety Rescue, VapeRx Plus Kava Sleep, and VapeRx Plus Kava Pain Management: Soon to be launched, these vapable CBD plus Kava products aim to enhance the anti-anxiety effects, promote restful sleep, and manage pain effectively.

ElixRx Plus Kava Anti Anxiety, ElixRx Plus Kava Sleep, and ElixRx Plus Kava Pain Management: Expected to be available shortly, these ElixRx Plus Kava products will offer a comprehensive and sustained approach to anti-anxiety, sleep aid, and pain management.

Branded Legacy remains at the forefront of the industry, continually pushing the boundaries of CBD and botanical-based products. With a focus on quality, safety, and efficacy, the company strives to make a positive impact on its customers, employees, and shareholders. In a proactive move to strengthen the company's financial position and enhance shareholder value, Branded Legacy, Inc. recently negotiated the purchase of outstanding debt of $1,500,000 at a remarkable price of $450,000. This strategic decision not only eliminates a substantial liability but also safeguards against any potential conversion of the debt into shares.  With a commitment to fiscal responsibility, a relentless pursuit of useful alkaloids, and a dedicated product development team, stay tuned for the continued release of many outstanding products.

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