Igor Kuchma

What is the cause behind recent spikes of volatility in the stock market?

12 Jul 2021 @ 23:47
Without any doubt, an increase in cases of Delta strain of coronavirus has played an important role in investors’ sentiment. Despite the fact that it is very unlikely that we will see full lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, the market is clearly scared that a worsening of the epidemiological situation could negatively affect countries’ recovery. The […]

Walmart launches a low-cost insulin analog in the US

06 Jul 2021 @ 22:59
Last week, Walmart, the largest supermarket chain in the United States, announced its plans to launch a budget version of insulin. This way, the company is trying to provide the vitally important drug to the millions of Americans who do not have health insurance or cannot afford current prices. Over the last decade, the cost […]

EU Introduces New Travel Restrictions

29 Jun 2021 @ 18:38
What role does the tourism industry play in the eurozone economy? Over the past few decades, the role of the tourism sector in the economic development of Europe has grown several times. According to a UN study, in some countries, the share of this sector in GDP can be more than 20 percent, and in […]

What happened to the famous Trump wall?

21 Jun 2021 @ 17:24
One of the promises of the electoral campaign of the former US president was progress in the construction of the ‘wall’ with Mexico. With this, Donald Trump sought to solve the migration crisis that plagued the world’s largest economy. He even claimed that it would be his neighbor who would be responsible for paying the […]

The week ahead: Inflation, Bonds, Iran; bitcoin and the UK

14 Jun 2021 @ 21:45
Despite a 5% year-on-year rise in the US CPI to a 13-year high, the major US indices ended the week reaching new all-time highs. The question then arises, why? On the one hand, it seems that the Fed managed to persuade the public that a spike in inflation is a transitory effect, caused by the […]

The week ahead: the US vs Сhina, inflation, ECB and infrastructure plan

07 Jun 2021 @ 17:52
Except for inflation and a potential nuclear deal between Iran and the United States, negotiations on an infrastructure package have been the main topic of recent weeks. Despite the stubbornness of the Republicans, Joe Biden has not yet abandoned a plan to secure disbursement of up to $ 1.7 trillion. In return, the President proposed […]

OECD updates its outlook for global economic growth

01 Jun 2021 @ 20:27
Yesterday, the organization for economic cooperation and development updated its prospects for the world economy, suggesting that recovery is gaining momentum and will continue to accelerate in the second half of the year. It now forecasts global GDP to grow around 5.8 % in 2021 (compared with 4.2% projected in December) and at 4.4% in […]

Tradingview Week ahead on the markets

24 May 2021 @ 18:24
The stock market is an amazing place where some can manage to lose money when the market rises or make money when it falls on the contrary. It would seem that the world economy is recovering from the horrific consequences of the coronavirus and will continue to get better, but in reality, everything is a […]

The week ahead: when will inflation hit?

10 May 2021 @ 18:03
First thing first, it should be noted that disappointing labor market data means that the Fed will not make changes to the quantitative easing (QE) policy any time soon, which cannot but inspire the markets. No surprise markets jumped on Friday. Yet the risks of inflation continue to float in the air. In theory, a […]

Sell in May and Go Away

04 May 2021 @ 17:37
Most surely, if you work in finance. you have heard the phrase “Sell in May and Go Away” as the fifth month of the year is traditionally considered bad for equity markets. Why? Theoretically, because fund managers normally go on a long summer vacation. Will it be the case in 2021? Because Covid-19 is still […]
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