Igor Kuchma

Turkish lira is once again under attack…

26 Apr 2021 @ 20:29
When most of the world is struggling with the pandemic, Joe Biden recognizes the Armenian genocide by Ottoman forces in 1915. Of course, it is not about reestablishing justice but a result of the US losing once a closest strategic ally across the Middle East – Ankara. With this move, the American president looks to […]

When will the real estate market crash?

19 Apr 2021 @ 18:20
Once Paul Samuelson, one of the most prominent economists in history, said that the stock market had predicted nine of the past five recessions. Since then nothing has changed: “experts” all over the world warn of upcoming correction, but time goes by and nothing happens. The reason is simple, as long as central banks are […]

Is it a good idea to invest in cruise line stocks?

12 Apr 2021 @ 17:32
If the travel industry was amongst the hardest hit by the economic impact of the pandemic, then, it should benefit most from the reopening. Theoretically yes. The only problem is that no one knows for sure when the crisis will end and governments will lift restrictions. When countries launched vaccination campaigns, investors turned their eyes […]

Trump, boycott, and dollar

06 Apr 2021 @ 20:39
You may have forgotten about him, but he still plays an important role in US politics. Just like an intelligent megalomaniac mouse from “pinky and the brain”, he is possessed by the idea of once again taking over the world. He is known for many things, but there is a particular one that brought him […]

What happened with Archegos Capital Management?

31 Mar 2021 @ 01:54
Financial institutions are constantly working on making ordinary people’s life more difficult, at the same time closing eyes on the illegal or high-risk activities/transactions from rich clients. Not so long ago, HSBC has been accused of moving tons of dirty money in both Mexico and Hong Kong. Some could think that this story would teach […]

What are Europe's Top Three Challenges

24 Mar 2021 @ 00:53
No matter where we look, Europe continues to struggle to push higher. In terms of the vaccination campaigns, the union is clearly falling behind because too few vaccines were ordered too late. EU was slow to order the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine, even when it became the frontrunner and its efficacy had been proven. As a result, […]

It’s all about the Fed now

15 Mar 2021 @ 20:06
If the economy is a living organism, central banks should be considered doctors whose mission is to provide the financial system with dedicated and prompt advisory and attention. Instead of clinical data, they rely on macro and micro indicators that help to measure the health of an economy. Finally, when intervention is necessary, instead of […]

Why countries can´t simply cancel their debt?

09 Mar 2021 @ 01:06
Extraordinary fiscal and monetary measures help the global economy to weather an unprecedented crisis, but at what cost? Global debt skyrocketed to a new record high of $281 trillion in 2020. Total private and public debt for the 61 countries rose approximately by $24 trillion last year, making up over a quarter of the $88 […]

Top ideas from Buffett’s Annual Letter

02 Mar 2021 @ 03:12
There is no need to present one of the most iconic characters in the financial industry. What should be mentioned is that Warren Buffett doesn’t have a crystal ball, thus investors shouldn’t blindly follow his suggestions or positions. For example, in 2008, Buffett bought a large stake in the stock of ConocoPhillips as a play […]

Why energy prices are going up in the US?

16 Feb 2021 @ 19:46
Slowly but steadily the global economy is recovering from the pandemic slump, global economic activity is growing and output is expected to expand around 4 percent in 2021 but still remain more than 5 percent below pre-pandemic projections. As an increasing number of people in the United States are returning to normal life, starting to […]
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