Branded Legacy, Inc. Expands Operations with Move to State of the Art Biotech Facility in Melbourne, FL

White Label Deal Secured, 1,700,000 Preferred Series Shares Repurchased and Retired

Melbourne, FL -- February 8, 2024 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- (OTC.PK: BLEG), a prominent Biotech company, proudly announces a significant leap forward in its growth journey with the acquisition of a new, state-of-the-art facility in Melbourne, FL.

In response to the acquisition of several companies and over $3.7 million  worth of advanced scientific equipment and inventory, Branded Legacy, Inc. has surpassed the capacity of its current location, prompting the need for a more expansive and purpose-built space. The new facility in Melbourne, FL, marks a substantial upgrade that aligns with the company's commitment to advancing biotechnology and improving human health.

Key Highlights of the New Biotech Facility:

Expanded Space: Boasting an additional 12,100 square feet, the new facility provides Branded Legacy, Inc. with the necessary space to facilitate its biotech operations seamlessly.

Efficiency Redefined: The facility has been meticulously designed to optimize efficiency, prioritizing functionality for Branded Legacy, Inc.'s innovative biotech research and development endeavors.

Cutting-Edge Infrastructure: Addressing crucial infrastructure needs, the facility is equipped with advanced amenities, including specialized laboratories, to support the company's pioneering work in biotechnology.

Better Electrical System: At their previous location, the electrical system was substandard for their needs, and would have needed an upgrade.  This facility has 3 phase and 240 outlets already in place and up to code.

Secure Private Parking: Recognizing the importance of security for critical biotech assets, the new facility features secure private parking tailored for fleet vehicles, including the recently acquired mobile critical CO2 extraction lab.

Enhanced Office Space: The facility offers expanded office space, designed to foster collaboration and innovation among Branded Legacy, Inc.'s team of biotech professionals.

Impressive Architecture: Constructed with a focus on both form and function, the new facility reflects Branded Legacy, Inc.'s commitment to excellence, presenting an impressive architectural profile.

"This relocation signifies a pivotal moment for Branded Legacy, Inc. as we continue to advance our capabilities in the field of biotechnology," said David Oswald, CEO of Branded Legacy, Inc. "Our investment in cutting-edge scientific equipment has catalyzed our growth, and this new facility reinforces our dedication to advancing biotech solutions for the betterment of humanity."

The move to the new biotech facility underlines Branded Legacy, Inc.'s commitment to pushing the boundaries of biotechnology and improving the future of healthcare.

In other company news, Branded Legacy Inc., announces an ongoing partnership with a major distributor in Greenville South Carolina, marking a significant milestone in the distribution of Delta 8 gummies. This strategic collaboration will see Branded Legacy Inc. supplying 7,500 units of Delta 8 gummies in the initial deal.

The deal, valued at $27,500, signifies a major step towards meeting the rising demand for Delta 8 gummies in the market. The initial net revenue generated from this partnership is estimated at $22,015.23, showcasing the immense potential for growth and mutual success between the two companies.

The partnership is not just a one-time deal; it marks the beginning of an ongoing collaboration between these entities. Both companies are dedicated to fostering a long-term relationship that goes beyond a single transaction. The ongoing contract reflects the confidence each party has in the other's commitment to success and shared values.

As the Delta 8 gummy market continues to grow, Branded Legacy Inc. is positioned to play a key role in meeting consumer demands and providing a superior product in the hemp industry.

Additionally, Branded Legacy has renewed its commitment to optimizing its capital structure and returning value to shareholders, Branded Legacy has successfully repurchased 1,700,000 Series D Preferred Shares, which have been subsequently returned to treasury. This strategic move reflects the company's confidence in its financial position and its dedication to capital efficiency.

Presently, there are a total of 3,864,884 remaining Series D Preferred Shares outstanding. Among this total, 2,000,000 shares were initially issued for the acquisition of MariJ. The company continues its ongoing efforts to repurchase the remaining 1,864,884 Series D Preferred Shares in order to retire them. However, negotiations for the repurchase of these preferred shares have not yet concluded successfully.

As of February 8, 2024, Branded Legacy has 611,913,066 Common Shares Issued and Outstanding. Within this count, 529,565,857 are unrestricted common shares, while 82,347,209 are classified as restricted common shares.

Branded Legacy remains committed to transparent communication with its shareholders and will continue to explore opportunities to optimize its capital structure and create long-term value for its stakeholders.

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About Branded Legacy, Inc.:

Branded Legacy, Inc. (OTC: BLEG) is a diversified holdings company focused on the biotech sector. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Branded Legacy specializes in the development and marketing of cutting-edge products and services. The company's diverse portfolio includes ventures in biotechnology, digital solutions, and wellness products, all aimed at enhancing the quality of life for its customers. Branded Legacy's strategic approach to growth involves identifying and integrating promising businesses and technologies that align with its mission to deliver sustainable, high-quality products and services.

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