Fifty 1 Labs, Inc. Announces Major Strategic Advancements and Shareholder Updates

Significant Developments Including Key Management Hires, Acquisitions, and New Patent Acquisition


Melbourne, FL -- June 13, 2024 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Fifty 1 Labs, Inc. (OTCPK: CAFI), a holding company that operates in the sports supplement, fitness equipment, and health and wellness industries is pleased to provide an update to its shareholders regarding recent strategic initiatives and significant developments within the company.

Over the past several months, Fifty 1 Labs has been diligently working behind the scenes to position itself for sustained long-term success and robust growth in the sports supplement, fitness equipment, and health and wellness industries. These efforts encompass the following strategic actions:

Strategic Management Appointments: Fifty 1 Labs has strategically appointed highly experienced individuals to key management positions to bolster its leadership team and advance its vision. These appointments bring a wealth of industry expertise and acumen to the company, enhancing its capabilities in navigating the competitive landscape and seizing emerging market opportunities. The details of these strategic management hires will be disclosed in separate press releases, and the company will host a nationwide teleconference to introduce the new team.

Strategic Acquisitions: Consistent with its growth strategy, Fifty 1 Labs has actively pursued and completed several strategic acquisitions to expand its market presence and diversify its product offerings. These acquisitions align with the company's commitment to delivering high-quality products and services to its customers while maximizing shareholder value. More comprehensive details on these acquisitions will be shared in the coming weeks.

Revolutionary Patent Acquisition: In addition to its recent acquisitions, Fifty 1 Labs is elated to announce the acquisition of a groundbreaking new patent. This patent, which incorporates state-of-the-art design within the sports equipment sector, is poised to significantly enhance the company's product portfolio and fortify its position as an industry leader. Detailed information regarding this innovative patent will be unveiled shortly.

Stock Share Buyback Initiative: Demonstrating confidence in the company's future prospects, Fifty 1 Labs' management team has initiated a stock share buyback program. This program underscores Fifty 1 Labs' commitment to prudent capital allocation and its belief in the long-term growth potential of the business. The buyback initiative is part of the company's ongoing efforts to enhance shareholder value.

Expansion of 51 Labs Nutrition Product Line: Fifty 1 Labs is thrilled to announce the expansion of its acclaimed 51 Labs Nutrition product line. Building on the success of existing offerings, the expansion introduces new and innovative products designed to meet the evolving needs of consumers in the sports supplement and health and wellness markets. These new product offerings, along with scheduled clinical trials, will be announced in the upcoming weeks. This expansion solidifies Fifty 1 Labs' position as a premier provider of premium nutritional supplements.

NIL Endorsement Deals: Fifty 1 Labs has also entered into negotiations of several Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) endorsement deals with prominent athletes to promote its products and enhance market visibility. These partnerships are anticipated to elevate the market presence of 51 products and significantly amplify marketing efforts.

Name Change Process: The name change to Fifty 1 Labs, Inc. is currently still in process. The company has received several rounds of questions from FINRA and has responded to them promptly and comprehensively. The management remains committed to ensuring that the transition is completed smoothly and efficiently, further aligning the company's identity with its strategic direction and vision for the future.

"We are thrilled to share these updates with our shareholders and the broader investment community," said Brandon Spikes, Chairman of Consumer Automotive Finance, Inc. "These strategic initiatives exemplify our unwavering commitment to driving value for our shareholders, delivering innovative products to our customers, and positioning CAFI for sustained growth and success in the years ahead."

Fifty 1 Labs remains steadfast in executing its strategic plan, capitalizing on market opportunities, and delivering value to all stakeholders.

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About Fifty 1 Labs, Inc.: Fifty 1 Labs, Inc. (Ticker symbol: CAFI), a publicly traded entity, is currently undergoing a name and symbol transition to become Fifty 1 Labs, Inc. This transformation is accompanied by the company's ownership of three distinct subsidiaries entrenched within the domains of sports supplementation, fitness apparatus, and holistic well-being. These subsidiaries include 51, LLC, a distinguished brand specializing in sports supplementation; The Quickness, the proud holder of a patent for pioneering athletic training equipment meticulously crafted to enhance linebacker development; and Astound NMN, a beacon of excellence within the anti-aging sector, heralding the era of DNA reparation through its premium supplements. Guided by an unwavering commitment, Fifty 1 Labs, Inc. remains at the forefront of innovation, consistently presenting avant-garde solutions infused with state-of-the-art technology, poised to empower individuals in their pursuit of fitness and holistic health aspirations. Additionally, Fifty 1 Labs, Inc. remains actively engaged in pursuing strategic acquisitions aimed at fortifying its portfolio by incorporating profit-generating enterprises into its fold.

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