Wall Street Journal echoes UCASU's new strategy that will reshape real estate


Atlanta, GA -- March 9, 2021 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- UC Asset LP (OTCQX: UCASU) hails a Wall Street Journal article released over the weekend, which echoes UCASU's innovative business strategy to disrupt real estate industry.

This WSJ article, titled "How Remote Work is Reshaping America's Urban Geography", focused on the emerge of "Zoom Town" across the country, which are smaller cities and communities turned into hubs for "mobile professionals", i.e., the new generation of workforce who are working remotely a significant part of the time.


The article's statement that "Remote work severs the age-old connection between where people live and where they work" confirms the vision of UCASU's management. Larry Wu, founder of UC Asset, claims that "this is exactly the concept which we have been promoting for months".


The WSJ article goes on to state: "For most of history, people literally worked where they lived, on farms and in ground-floor workshops, or at most a short walk away. With the advent of subways, commuter trains and the automobile, the distance between home and the workplace expanded…the rise of remote work changes that equation."


UCASU's new business model, namely SHOC (standing for "Shared Home-Office Community"), is based on exactly the same trend. According to UCASU's business plan, SHOC is a revolutionary concept of futuristic community, which will combine residential and commercial spaces, and bring back the lifestyle that human beings have always enjoyed till the industrial age, i.e., to live where they work.


"Communities in which people live where they work, is more efficient, more environmental, probably more productive, and, more human." Says Wu.


In the initial phase, SHOC will replace a large part of conventional hotels. SHOC properties will be built as residential houses with each bedroom designed as an individual business lodge equipped with office capabilities. The home-office focused spaces will be rented out to business travelers as an alternative to conventional hotels, selling on platforms such as Airbnb,VRBO or through corporate partnerships.


According to the WSJ report, as much as a quarter of the 160-million-strong U.S. labor force is expected to stay fully remote in the long term, and many more are likely to work remotely a significant part of the time. "When people work remotely, they will travel differently. Conventional hotels will not be able to meet the challenges of next generation business travelers who are so-called mobile professionals." Declares Wu, "Conventional hotels will be taken over by technology driven shared-accommodation spaces like SHOC, similar to that conventional taxi businesses have been taken over by shared-ride companies like Uber and Lyft."


From investors' point of view, SHOC (Share-Home Office Community) is a systemic approach to property value-adding investment. It will add cash income on top of the value gain of house renovation and will likely improve the total ROI to remarkably higher than market average. "In real estate, you can only make so much if you simply buy and hold. But if you also have a successful business model to run those properties, you are on the path to create the next McDonald, which is a real estate empire built on a successful business model." Wu elaborates.


"Last month, major travel media Skift.com featured us in its front-page story. Now Wall Street Journal story echoes our position." Says Christal Jordan, Investor Relations director of UC Asset, "We feel very encouraged that our vision is shared among more and more industry leaders."


The entire article from Wall Street Journal can be viewed at: https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-remote-work-is-reshaping-americas-urban-geography-11614960100

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