RNS Number : 3260E

Greatland Gold PLC

10 March 2022

10 March 2022


Greatland Gold plc

("Greatland" or "the Company")

Havieron Growth Drilling Update

Growth drilling building momentum with six drill rigs now operational at Havieron, targeting extensions to SE Crescent, Eastern Breccia, Northern Breccia & regional geophysical targets

Further high grade "SE Crescent" style sulphide mineralisation

confirmed at the North West Pod

Further Eastern Breccia mineralisation recognised

outside the recently updated Initial Mineral Resource(1)

Higher-grade copper mineralisation identified

in the core of the Northern Breccia, open at depth

        Greatland Gold plc (AIM:GGP), a mining development and exploration 
        company with a focus on precious and base metals, is pleased 
        to provide an exploration and development update at the Havieron 
        gold-copper project in the Paterson region of Western Australia. 
         *    Six drill rigs currently operational after the 
              Christmas shutdown, all focused on growth programmes 
         *    Eastern Breccia: defining the mineralised footprint 
              of the Eastern Breccia, focusing on extending the 
              higher-grade mineralisation which remains open in all 
         *    South East Crescent: targeting extensions to the SE 
              Crescent below the Updated Mineral Resource (1) in 
              addition to lateral extensions adjacent to the 
              existing high-grade Resource 
         *    Northern Breccia: delineating existing high-grade 
              mineralised zones within the Northern Breccia and 
              Northwest Pod (NW Pod) 
         *    New Targets: drilling of targets identified outside 
              of the immediate vicinity of the Havieron deposit, 
              but within the Havieron Joint Venture area has 
         *    High grade result in the NW Pod on the northwest 
              margin of the Havieron Breccia system confirms the 
              potential for further high-grade sulphide 
              mineralisation outside the SE Crescent Zone: 
         *    HAD089W4 52.7m @ 7.1 g/t Au and 0.04% Cu or 7.2g/t 
              AuEq(2) from 1,074m 
         *    Drilling into the Eastern Breccia returns a broad 
              zone of mineralisation on the southern flank of the 
              recently announced Initial Mineral Resource(1) of 
              14Mt @ 1.2 g/t Au and 0.09% Cu or 1.3 g/t AuEq (2) in 
              the Eastern Breccia (3) : 
         *    HAD145A 70.2m @ 0.82 g/t Au and 0.22% Cu or 1.15g/t 
              AuEq(2) from 1,654.8m 
         *    Northern Breccia drilling continues to assess the 
              extents of higher-grade mineralisation within the 
              core of the Havieron Breccia, with results in HAD145A 
              intersecting a zone of copper dominant sulphide 
              mineralisation that is currently open at depth: 
         *    HAD145A 69m @ 0.72g/t Au and 1.1% Cu or 2.37g/t 
              AuEq(2) from 1,300m 
         *    Including a higher grade zone of 31.7m @ 1.16g/t Au 
              and 1.6% Cu or 3.56g/t Au Eq(2) from 1,311.5m 
         *    Early Works advancing: Construction activities are 
              progressing well with achievements including (as of 
              25 February 2022): 
         *    Box cut and portal completed in May 2021. 
         *    Exploration decline has advanced 296 metres. 
         *    First ventilation shaft blind boring has commenced. 
         *    Works to progress the necessary approvals and permits 
              required to commence the development of an operating 
              underground mine and associated infrastructure at the 
              Havieron Project are ongoing. 
         *    Feasibility Study progressing: Feasibility study work 
              by Newcrest continuing along with concurrent studies 
              assessing broader growth options for Havieron. Upside 
              opportunities are being evaluated to increase the 
              scale and life of Havieron, as well as presenting the 
              opportunity to adopt alternative, lower cost, mining 
              methods. The Feasibility Study is still forecasted to 
              be delivered in the December 2022 quarter(4) . 
 Shaun Day, Chief Executive Officer of Greatland Gold plc, 
  commented: "The ramp up of the 2022 growth drill programme 
  is an exciting time for Greatland and its shareholders as 
  it presents an opportunity to further understand the size 
  and scale of the Havieron system. 
  "This growth drilling programme is already delivering pleasing 
  results with high-grade sulphide mineralisation confirmed 
  in the NW Pod, several hundred meters away from the South 
  East Crescent and Eastern Breccia zones. This, along with 
  a continuation of the high-grade mineralisation outside of 
  the recently updated Initial Mineral Resource for the Eastern 
  Breccia is a fantastic start to the calendar year. 
  "Additionally, we are encouraged by the higher grade copper 
  results we are seeing near the base of the Northern Breccia. 
  With five drill rigs testing extensions to the current mineralised 
  system and a further drill rig testing for new opportunities 
  on the mining licence outside of the immediate known mineralisation, 
  the 2022 drilling programme lays the foundation for defining 
  the next phase of Havieron's growth." 

(1) Greatland announcement Havieron Resources and Reserve Update on 3(rd) March 2022

(2) The gold equivalent (AuEq) is based on assumed prices of US$1,450/oz Au and US$3.23/lb Cu for Ore Reserve and assumed prices of US$1,600/oz Au and US$3.50/lb Cu for Mineral Resource and metallurgical recoveries based on block metal grade, reporting approximately at 88% for Au and 84% for Cu which in both cases equates to a formula of approximately AuEq = Au (g/t) + 1.5 * Cu (%). It is the company's opinion that all the elements included in the metal equivalents calculation have a reasonable potential to be recovered and sold

(3) Greatland announcement Havieron Exploration Update on 28(th) January 2022

(4) Newcrest market update to Australian Stock Exchange on 12(th) October 2021

Significant New Results (intercepts are reported as downhole width not true width)

NW Pod

-- HAD089W4

-- 52.7m @ 7.1 g/t Au and 0.04% Cu from 1,074m

Northern Breccia

-- HAD141W2

-- 88m @ 0.98 g/t Au and 0.03% Cu from 1,314m

-- HAD145A

-- 69m @ 0.72g/t Au and 1.1% Cu from 1,300m

Eastern Breccia

-- HAD145A

-- 70.2m @ 0.82 g/t Au and 0.22% Cu from 1,654.8m

 In addition to this release, a PDF version of this report with 
  supplementary information can be found at the Company's website: 


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    Further Information on Drilling and Operations at Havieron 
     The Havieron copper-gold deposit is centered on a deep magnetic 
     anomaly located 45km east of Telfer in the Paterson Province 
     where exploration drilling by Greatland during 2018 resulted 
     in the discovery of gold and copper mineralisation under 420m 
     of post mineralisation cover. The Joint Venture commenced 
     drilling during the June 2019 quarter and has completed 237,290m 
     of drilling from 281 drill holes to date (excluding holes 
     in progress, abandoned holes, or drill holes which have not 
     been sampled). 
     Drilling activities in the period have produced a further 
     10,797m of drilling from 9 holes since the last update ("Havieron 
     Exploration Update", RNS dated 28 January 2022). New assay 
     results are reported from 7 holes, and additional results 
     are reported for 2 holes for which partial results were reported 
     last period. 
     4 holes returned significant assay intercepts in excess of 
     50 gram metres Au (Au ppm x length metres). 
     Drilling in the reporting period was focused on potential 
     resource growth at the South East Crescent Zone, Northern 
     Breccia, Eastern Breccia and regional exploration holes outside 
     the main Havieron mineralised system. Assays reported include 
     drilling from: 
      *    Northern Breccia & NW Pod - assay results reported 
           for two drill holes with two holes awaiting assays; 
      *    Eastern Breccia - assay results reported for three 
           drill holes with one hole awaiting assays; 
      *    South East Crescent Deeps - assay results reported 
           for two drill holes with one hole awaiting assays; 
      *    First pass testing of geophysical targets outboard of 
           the Havieron system (along the Havieron dolerite dyke, 
           north and south of the main mineralised pipe) - assay 
           results reported for two drill holes, and results 
           pending for a further 2 drill holes. 
     The reduced quantity of holes and new assays reported reflect 
     the reduction in drill rig numbers over the Christmas holiday 
     period. There are now six rigs operating two shifts, and the 
     number of drill holes completed is expected to increase in 
     further updates. The JV is targeting a further 40,000m of 
     growth drilling in the year to 30 June 2022 which has the 
     potential to further expand the Havieron resource. 
     Refer to Appendix 2 for all reported results. 
     Northern Breccia infill drilling has targeted known high-grade 
     mineralisation around the NW Pod Target on the north west 
     margin of the Breccia in addition to internal higher grade 
     mineralisation within the core of the Breccia. Both high grade 
     "NW Pod" mineralisation (hole HAD089W4) and broader lower 
     grade Northern Breccia mineralisation were intersected. In 
     addition, results in HAD145A intersected a 69m metre zone 
     of >1% copper dominant sulphide mineralisation that is currently 
     open at depth. 
     Results include: 
      *    HAD089W4 
     o 52.7m @ 7.1g/t Au & 0.04% Cu from 1,074m 
     o Including 31.4m @ 12g/t Au & 0.03% Cu from 1,094.9m 
      *    HAD141W2 
     o 88m @ 0.98g/t Au & 0.03% Cu from 1,314m 
      *    HAD145A 
     o 69m @ 0.72g/t Au and 1.1% Cu from 1,300m 
     South East Crescent Deeps growth drilling targeting higher 
     grade mineralisation at depth below the Updated Mineral Resource 
     (1) reported new results from one drill hole, with one hole 
     pending. Additional assays were received for HAD133W6 originally 
     reported in the 28 January 2022 update. There are no changes 
     to these high-grade significant intersections and the hole 
     has not been reported here. 
     New results include: 
      *    HAD133W7 
     o 22.7m @ 1.2 g/t Au & 0.08% Cu from 1,525.3m 
     o 21m @ 1.2 g/t Au & 0.07% Cu from 1,594.2m 
     This drill hole is located approximately 100m below the existing 
     Updated Mineral Resource (1) , slightly to the west of what 
     is interpreted to be the steeply SE plunging high grade Crescent 
     Zone (Figure 3). 
     At the Eastern Breccia, assays for two new holes and additional 
     results from previously reported HAD104 are presented. Further 
     results from hole HAD104 extended the previously reported 
     lower intersection to 85m @ 1.2g/t Au & 0.37% Cu. New hole 
     HAD145A reported, amongst other intersections, 70.2m @ 0.82g/t 
     Au and 0.22% Cu from 1654.9m within the Eastern Breccia (Figure 
     Drilling is focussed on defining the extents of this higher-grade 
     mineralisation seen in HAD104 which remains open in all directions. 
     Note that both HAD104 and HAD145A show an increase in Cu, 
     suggesting the Eastern Breccia mineralisation becomes more 
     Cu rich to the southeast. 
     Results include 
      *    HAD104^ 
     o 62.5m @ 5.9g/t Au & 0.30% Cu from 1,546.5m 
     o including 49.4m @ 7.1g/t Au & 0.38% Cu from 1,554.6m; and 
     o 85m @ 1.2g/t Au & 0.37% Cu from 1,717m 
     o including 10.9m @ 3.0g/t Au and 0.38% Cu from 1,735.6m 
      *    HAD145A 
     o 70.2m @ 0.82g/t Au & 0.22% Cu from 1,654.9m 
     o including 24.6m @ 1.4g/t Au & 0.44% Cu 
     Drilling to test geophysical targets outside of the known 
     Havieron system is ongoing, including evaluating the Havieron 
     dolerite at multiple intervals north and south of the Havieron 
     mineralised pipe. HAD154 and HAD155 tested the Havieron dolerite 
     some 400m north and south of Havieron respectively, results 
     are pending. Results were received for ZIP001 and ZIP002, 
     testing the Zipa target, located approximately 2 km to the 
     north of Havieron and centred on a prominent gravity high 
     anomaly. No significant results were reported for the two 
     completed Zipa drillholes, although both holes intersected 
     diorite like lithologies in metasediment, a rock type considered 
     significant to mineralisation at Havieron. Drilling continues 
     to test targets along the Havieron dolerite dyke. 
     The JV is targeting a further 40,000m of growth drilling in 
     the year to 30 June 2022 which has the potential to further 
     expand the Havieron resource. Growth drilling continues to 
     show potential for resource additions outside of the existing 
     Inferred Mineral Resource limits, including: 
      *    Extension of the South East Crescent Zone at depth 
           below the Updated Mineral Resource(1) ; 
      *    Expansion of multiple higher-grade zones including 
           Northern Breccia and North West Pod; 
      *    Potential for additional material in the Eastern 
           Breccia; and 
      *    Additionally, drilling is continuing to target 
           geophysical targets outside of the main Havieron 
     Refer to Appendix 1 for additional information and Appendix 
     2 for all drillhole results reported during the period. 
 Development Update 
  The development of the exploration decline continued during 
  the period with 296 metres now complete with the decline contractor 
  operating 24 hours per day. Newcrest advised the development 
  of the exploration decline experienced poor ground conditions 
  during the period, although ground conditions are expected 
  to improve with depth. Construction of the first ventilation 
  shaft commenced in December 2021 and blind boring of the decline 
  vent raise from surface commenced during the period . Works 
  to progress the necessary approvals and permits that are required 
  to commence the development of an operating underground mine 
  and associated infrastructure at the Havieron Project are 
  Background to Havieron and Joint Venture Agreement with Newcrest 
  The Havieron copper-gold project is operated by Newcrest under 
  a Joint Venture Agreement with Greatland. As outlined in previous 
  announcements, following delivery of a Pre-Feasibility Study 
  and meeting the relevant expenditure commitment, Newcrest 
  is entitled (subject to the terms of the Joint Venture Agreement) 
  to an additional 10% joint venture interest, and exercising 
  this entitlement will result in an overall joint venture interest 
  of 70% Newcrest (30% Greatland). Newcrest may also acquire 
  an additional 5% joint venture interest at fair market value 
  (under the principles of the Joint Venture Agreement) and, 
  if exercised, Newcrest will be entitled to an overall joint 
  venture interest of 75% (Greatland 25%). As detailed in the 
  announcement of 21 December 2021, Newcrest issued a notice 
  to Greatland informing it that Newcrest would like to begin 
  the process under the Joint Venture Agreement to seek to agree 
  or, failing agreement, determine the option exercise price. 
  The Joint Venture Agreement includes tolling principles reflecting 
  the intention of the parties that, subject to a successful 
  exploration programme and feasibility study and a positive 
  decision to mine, the resulting joint venture mineralised 
  material will be processed at Telfer, located 45km west of 
  A regional map showing the Havieron licence area with regional 
  targets and adjacent landholdings can be found at: www.greatlandgold.com/paterson 
  A version of this release with the full images and diagrams 
  can be found on the Company's website: https://greatlandgold.com/investors/regulatory-news/ 
 Competent Person: 
  Information in this announcement that relates to exploration 
  results has been extracted from the following announcements: 
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  Information in this announcement has been reviewed and approved 
  by Mr John McIntyre, a Member of the Australian Institute 
  of Geoscientists (MAIG), who has more than 30 years relevant 
  industry experience. Mr McIntyre is an employee of the Company 
  and has a financial interest in Greatland Gold plc. Mr McIntyre 
  has sufficient experience relevant to the style of mineralisation 
  and type of deposit under consideration, and to the activity 
  which he is undertaking to qualify as a Competent Person as 
  defined by the 2012 Edition of the Australasian Code for Reporting 
  of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves 
  (the JORC Code) and under the AIM Rules - Note for Mining 
  and Oil & Gas Companies, which outline standards of disclosure 
  for mineral projects. Mr McIntyre consents to the inclusion 
  in this announcement of the matters based on this information 
  in the form and context in which it appears. Mr McIntyre confirms 
  that the Company is not aware of any new information or data 
  that materially affects the information included in the relevant 
  market announcements, and that the form and context in which 
  the information has been presented has not been materially 
  Additional information on the project can be found on the 
  Company's website at https://greatlandgold.com/projects/havieron/ 
  In addition to this release, a PDF version of this report 
  with supplementary information can be found at the Company's 
  website: www.greatlandgold.com/media/jorc 
 Notes for Editors: 
  Greatland Gold plc (AIM:GGP) is a mining development and exploration 
  company with a focus on precious and base metals. The Company's 
  flagship asset is the world-class Havieron gold-copper deposit 
  in the Paterson region of Western Australia, discovered by 
  Greatland and presently under development in Joint Venture 
  with Newcrest Mining Ltd. 
  Havieron is located approximately 45km east of Newcrest's 
  Telfer gold mine and, subject to positive decision to mine, 
  will leverage the existing infrastructure and processing plant 
  to significantly reduce the project's capital expenditure 
  and carbon impact for a low-cost pathway to development. An 
  extensive growth drilling programme is presently underway 
  at Havieron with a maiden Pre-Feasibility Study released on 
  the South-East Crescent on 12 October 2021. Construction of 
  the box cut and decline to develop the Havieron deposit commenced 
  in February 2021. 
  Greatland has a proven track record of discovery and exploration 
  success. It is pursuing the next generation of tier-one mineral 
  deposits by applying advanced exploration techniques in under-explored 
  regions. The Company is focused on safe, low-risk jurisdictions 
  and is strategically positioned in the highly prospective 
  Paterson region. Greatland has a total six projects across 
  Australia with a focus on becoming a multi-commodity mining 
  company of significant scale. 


Havieron Project (Greatland Gold plc - Newcrest Joint Venture ): JORC Table 1

Section 1 Sampling Techniques and Data

 Sampling techniques   Diamond drilling core samples are obtained from core 
                        drilling in Proterozoic basement lithologies. 
                        Core is cut along the orientation line and one half 
                        consistently sampled. 
                        PQ-HQ and NQ diameter core was drilled on a 6m run. 
                        Core was cut using an automated core-cutter and half 
                        core sampled at 1m intervals or at breaks for major 
                        geological changes. Sampling intervals range from 0.2 
                        - 2.0m. Sample weights were typically between 0.7 and 
                        5.6 kg. Cover sequences were not sampled. 
--------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------- 
 Drilling techniques   Permian Paterson Formation cover sequence was drilled 
                        using mud rotary drilling. Depths of cover typically 
                        observed to approximately 420m vertically below surface. 
                        Steel casing was emplaced to secure the pre-collar. 
                        Core drilling was advanced from the base of the cover 
                        sequence with PQ3, HQ3 and NQ2 diameter double tube 
                        coring configuration with minor HQ and PQ triple tube 
                        configuration. Navi drilling was undertaken to start 
                        wedged holes from parent holes. 
                        Core from inclined drill holes are oriented on 3m and 
                        6m runs using an electronic core orientation tool (Reflex 
                        ACTIII). At the end of each run, the bottom of hole 
                        position is marked by the driller, which is later transferred 
                        to the whole drill core run length with a bottom of 
                        hole reference line. 
--------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------- 
 Drill sample          Core recovery is systematically recorded from the commencement 
  recovery              of coring to end of hole, by reconciling recovered core 
                        measurements against driller's depth blocks in each 
                        core tray, as recorded in the database. Driller's depth 
                        blocks provided the depth, interval of core recovered, 
                        and interval of core drilled. Core recoveries below 
                        the cover sequence were typically 100%, with isolated 
                        zones of lower recovery. Cover sequence drilling by 
                        the mud-rotary drilling did not yield recoverable samples. 
                        Those sections of wedge holes that were Navi drilled 
                        did not produce recoverable sample material and have 
                        not been sampled. 
                        No specific measures have been taken to maximise recovery, 
                        other than employing professional and well respected 
                        There is no discernible relationship between sample 
                        recovery and the grade of any important variable. 
--------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------- 
 Logging               Geological logging recorded qualitative descriptions 
                        of lithology, alteration, mineralisation, veining, and 
                        structure (for all core drilled, 209,911 of drilling 
                        from 311 holes drilled up until 2 December 2021, all 
                        intersecting mineralisation), including orientation 
                        of key geological features. 
                        Geotechnical measurements including Rock Quality Designation 
                        (RQD) fracture frequency, solid core recovery and qualitative 
                        rock strength measurements were recorded by Geologists 
                        or Geotechnical Engineers. 
                        All geological and geotechnical logging was conducted 
                        at the Havieron site. 
                        Magnetic susceptibility measurements were recorded every 
                        metre. The bulk density of selected drill core intervals 
                        was determined at site on whole core samples. 
                        Digital data logging was captured on diamond drill core 
                        intervals only, and all data validated and stored in 
                        a Datashed database. 
                        All drill cores were photographed (wet and dry), prior 
                        to cutting and/or sampling the core. 
                        The logging is of sufficient quality to support Mineral 
                        Resource estimates, mining studies and metallurgical 
                        100 percent of recovered core in the basement rocks 
                        has been logged. 
--------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------- 
 Sub-sampling          Core was cut and sampled at the Telfer or Havieron core 
  techniques            processing facilities. Half core samples were collected 
  and sample            in pre-numbered calico bags and grouped into bulk bags 
  preparation           for dispatch to the laboratory. Sample weights typically 
                        varied from 0.7 to 5.6kg. Sample sizes are considered 
                        appropriate for the style of mineralisation. Sample 
                        lengths typically ranged from 0.2 to 2m with most samples 
                        being 1m in length. Drill core samples were freighted 
                        by air and road to the laboratory. 
                        Navi drill holes did not produce recoverable material 
                        and have not been sampled. 
                        Sample preparation was conducted at the independent 
                        ISO17025 accredited Intertek Laboratory, Perth (Intertek). 
                        Samples were dried at 105(o) C, and crushed to 95% passing 
                        4.75mm, and then split to obtain up to 3kg sub-sample, 
                        which was pulverised (using LM5) to produce a pulped 
                        product with the minimum standard of 95% passing 106<MU>m. 
                        Routine grind size analysis is conducted. Duplicate 
                        samples were collected from crush and pulp samples at 
                        a rate of 1:20. 
                        Coarse Crush and Pulp Duplicate results show an acceptable 
                        level of variability for the material sampled and style 
                        of mineralisation. 
                        Periodic size checks (1:20) for crush and pulp samples 
                        and sample weights are provided by the laboratory and 
                        recorded in the Datashed database. Field Duplicate samples 
                        are not (routinely) taken. 
                        Sampling and sample preparation sizes and quality control 
                        protocols are considered appropriate to the grain size 
                        of the material being sampled. 
 Quality of            Assaying of drill core samples was conducted at Intertek. 
  assay data            All samples were assayed for 48 elements using a 4-acid 
  and laboratory        digestion followed by ICP-AES/ICP-MS determination (method 
  tests                 4A/MS907), which is considered to provide a total assay 
                        for copper. Gold analyses were determined by 50g fire 
                        assay with AAS finish (method FA50N/AA), which is considered 
                        to provide a total assay for gold. 
                        No other analytical methods or tools have been used 
                        in the estimation. 
                        Sampling and assaying quality control procedures consisted 
                        of inclusion of certified reference material (CRMs), 
                        coarse residue and pulp duplicates with each batch (at 
                        least 1:20). Assays of quality control samples were 
                        compared with reference samples in the Datashed database 
                        and verified as acceptable prior to use of data from 
                        analysed batches. Batches failing QA/QC tests were re-submitted 
                        for assay. 
                        Laboratory quality control data, including laboratory 
                        standards, blanks, duplicates, repeats and grind size 
                        results are captured in the Datashed database and assessed 
                        for accuracy and precision for recent data. 
                        Extended quality control programs including pulp samples 
                        submitted to an umpire laboratory. 
                        Analysis of the available quality control sample assay 
                        results indicates that an acceptable level of accuracy 
                        and precision has been achieved and the database contains 
                        no analytical data that has been numerically manipulated. 
                        The assaying techniques and quality control protocols 
                        used are considered appropriate for the data to be used 
                        for reporting Exploration Results and Mineral Resources. 
 Verification          Assessment of reported significant assay intervals was 
  of sampling           verified by re-logging of diamond drill core intervals 
  and assaying          and assessment of high-resolution core photography. 
                        The verification of significant intersections has been 
                        completed by Newcrest personnel and Newcrest's Competent 
                        Person/Qualified Person. 
                        No twinned holes have been drilled, however there are 
                        many 'wedge/daughter' holes that provide close-spaced 
                        intersections in adjacent holes. 
                        Sampling intervals defined by the geologist are electronically 
                        assigned sample identification numbers prior to core 
                        cutting. Corresponding sample numbers matching pre-labelled 
                        calico bags are assigned to each interval. Electronically 
                        generated sample submission forms providing the sample 
                        identification number accompany each submission to the 
                        laboratory. Assay results from the laboratory with corresponding 
                        sample identification are loaded directly into the Datashed 
                        No adjustments are made to any assay data. 
                        There are no currently known drilling, sampling, recovery, 
                        or other factors that could materially affect the accuracy 
                        or reliability of the data. 
 Location of           Drill hole collar locations were surveyed using a differential 
  data points           GPS with GNSS with a stated accuracy of +/- 0.5m for 
                        all drill holes reported. 
                        Drill rig alignment was attained using an electronic 
                        azimuth aligner. 
                        Downhole survey was collected at 6-12m intervals in 
                        the cover sequence, and every 6 to 30m in diamond drill 
                        core segments of the drill hole using single shot (Axis 
                        Mining Champ Gyro). The single shot surveys have been 
                        validated using continuous survey to surface (Axis Mining 
                        Champ) along with a selection of drill holes re-surveyed 
                        by an external survey contactor using a DeviGyro tool 
                        - confirming sufficient accuracy for downhole spatial 
                        All collar coordinates are provided in the Geocentric 
                        Datum of Australian (GDA20 Zone 51). All relative depth 
                        information is reported in AHD +5000m. 
                        A LIDAR survey was completed over the project area in 
                        Nov 2019 which was used to prepare a DEM / topographic 
                        model for the project with a spatial accuracy of +/- 
                        0.1m vertical and +/- 0.3m horizontal. The topography 
                        is generally low relief to flat, elevation within the 
                        dune corridors in ranges between 250-265m Australian 
                        Height Datum (AHD) steepening to the southeast. Easting 
                        and Northing coordinates are provided in the Geocentric 
                        Datum of Australian (GDA20 Zone 51) and all vertical 
                        level information is reported in AHD +5000m. 
--------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------- 
 Data spacing          Within the South East Crescent Zone and Breccia Zone 
  and distribution      and Eastern Breccia drill hole spacing ranges from 50 
                        by 100m, to 50 by 50m within the current resource extents. 
                        Outside the resource boundary drill hole spacing ranges 
                        from 50 to 200m in lateral extent within the Breccia 
                        Zone over an area of 2km2. 
                        Isolated holes test targets away from the Havieron pipe. 
                        The data spacing is sufficient to establish the degree 
                        of geological and grade continuity appropriate for the 
                        Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve estimation procedure(s) 
                        and classifications applied. 
                        Samples have not been composited. 
--------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------- 
 Orientation           Drill holes targeting the Crescent Zone are oriented 
  of data in            to intersect the steeply dipping high-grade sulphide 
  relation to           mineralisation zones at an angle of greater than 40 
  geological            degrees. As such, the drilled length of reported intersections 
  structure             is typically greater than true width of mineralisation 
                        in this Zone. Most of these holes also intersect the 
                        adjacent Breccia Zones. 
                        Drill holes targeting the Breccia Zones are oriented 
                        to intersect at angles either broadly perpendicular 
                        to the adjacent Crescent Sulphide Zones, or if drilling 
                        away from the South East Crescent Zone area, at intersections 
                        broadly perpendicular to the elongation of the ovoid 
                        breccia body. Given the lower level of understanding 
                        of the breccia geometries it is not possible to quantify 
                        the relationship between drilled and true length of 
                        reported intersections in these Zones. 
                        The attitudes of the South East Crescent Zone and Main 
                        (Northern) Breccia Zone and the variety in drilling 
                        orientations through such suggest no sample orientation 
                        related biases affect these zones. 
                        The Eastern Breccia, which is interpreted to strike 
                        north-westerly and dip steeply, is intersected almost 
                        exclusively with moderate-steep west-to-east drilling. 
--------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------- 
 Sample security       The security of samples is controlled by tracking samples 
                        from drill rig to database. 
                        Drill core was delivered from the drill rig to the Havieron 
                        core yard every shift. On completion of geological and 
                        geotechnical logging, core processing was initially 
                        completed by Newcrest personnel at the Telfer facility 
                        but later done at the Havieron facility once it was 
                        Samples were freighted in sealed bags by air and road 
                        to the Laboratory, within the custody of Newcrest representatives. 
                        Sample numbers are generated directly from the database. 
                        All samples are collected in pre-numbered calico bags. 
                        Verification of sample numbers and identification is 
                        conducted by the laboratory on receipt of samples, and 
                        sample receipt advice issued to Newcrest. 
                        Details of all sample movement are recorded in a database 
                        table. Dates, Hole ID sample ranges, and the analytical 
                        suite requested are recorded with the dispatch of samples 
                        to analytical services. Any discrepancies logged at 
                        the receipt of samples into the analytical services 
                        are validated. 
--------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------- 
 Audits or             Internal reviews by Newcrest (JV Manager) of the core 
  reviews               handling, sample preparation and assays laboratories 
                        are conducted on a regular basis by both project personnel 
                        and owner representatives and have not identified any 
                        material issues affecting the reliability of the sampling 
                        techniques and data. 
                        In the Competent Person's opinion, the sample preparation, 
                        security and analytical procedures are consistent with 
                        current industry standards and are appropriate and acceptable 
                        for the styles of mineralisation identified and will 
                        be appropriate for use in the reporting of Exploration 
                        Results and Mineral Resource estimates. No drilling, 
                        sampling or recovery factors that materially impact 
                        the reliability of the results of the drilling programme 
                        have been identified. 
--------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------- 

Section 2 Reporting of Exploration Results

 Mineral tenement          The Havieron Project is located within mining tenement 
  and land tenure           M45/1287 and is jointly owned by Greatland Pty Ltd and 
  status                    Newcrest Operations Limited ("Newcrest") . Newcrest 
                            has entered into a Joint Venture Agreement (effective 
                            30 November 2020) and Farm-In Agreement (effective 12 
                            March 2019) with Greatland Pty Ltd and Greatland Gold 
                            plc. Newcrest currently holds a 60% joint venture interest 
                            and is entitled (subject to the terms of the Joint Venture 
                            Agreement) to an additional 10% interest, giving an 
                            aggregate interest of 70% (Greatland 30%). Newcrest 
                            also has an option to acquire a further 5% joint venture 
                            interest at fair market value under the principles outlined 
                            in the Joint Venture Agreement. 
                            Newcrest and the WDLAC are parties to an ILUA which 
                            relates to the use of native title land for Newcrest's 
                            current operations at Telfer and its activities within 
                            a 60-km radius around Telfer and includes its exploration 
                            activities at Havieron. The parties have agreed that 
                            the ILUA will apply to any future development activities 
                            by the Joint Venture Participants (Newcrest and Greatland) 
                            at Havieron. 
                            The mining tenement M45/1287 was granted on 10 September 
 Exploration               Newcrest completed six core holes in the vicinity of 
  done by other             the Havieron Project from 1991 to 2003. Greatland Gold 
  parties                   completed drill targeting and drilling of nine Reverse 
                            Circulation (RC) drill holes with core tails for a total 
                            of approximately 6,800m in 2018. Results of drilling 
                            programs conducted by Greatland have previously been 
                            reported on the Greatland website. 
 Geology                   The Havieron Project is located within the north-western 
                            exposure of the Palaeo-Proterozoic to Neoproterozoic 
                            Paterson Orogen (formerly Paterson Province), 45 km 
                            east of Telfer. The Yeneena Supergroup hosts the Havieron 
                            prospect and consists of a 9km thick sequence of marine 
                            sedimentary rocks and is entirely overlain by approximately 
                            420m of Phanerozoic sediments of the Paterson Formation 
                            and Quaternary aeolian sediments. 
                            Gold and copper mineralisation at Havieron consist of 
                            breccia, vein and massive sulphide replacement gold 
                            and copper mineralisation typical of intrusion-related 
                            and skarn styles of mineralisation. Mineralisation is 
                            hosted by metasedimentary rocks (meta-sandstones, meta-siltstones 
                            and meta-carbonate) and intrusive rocks of an undetermined 
                            age. The main mineral assemblage contains well developed 
                            pyrrhotite-chalcopyrite and pyrite sulphide mineral 
                            assemblages as breccia and vein infill, and massive 
                            sulphide lenses. The main mineralisation event is associated 
                            with amphibole-carbonate-biotite-sericite-chlorite wall 
                            rock alteration. Drilling has partially defined the 
                            extents of mineralisation which are observed over a 
                            650m by 350m ovoid area, and to depths of up to 1500m 
                            below surface. 
 Drill hole                As provided in Appendix II. Refer to previous exploration 
  Information               releases for drillhole information of the previously 
                            reported intercepts highlighted in this report. 
 Data aggregation          Significant assay intercepts are reported as (A) length-weighted 
  methods                   averages exceeding 1.0g/t Au greater than or equal to 
                            10m, with a maximum of 5m consecutive internal dilution; 
                            and (B) length-weighted averages exceeding 0.2g/t Au 
                            for greater than or equal to 20m, with a maximum of 
                            10m consecutive internal dilution, and (C) intervals 
                            of >30g/t with no internal dilution which are greater 
                            or equal to 30 gram metres (Au_ppm x length). No top 
                            cuts are applied to intercept calculations.. Refer to 
                            previous exploration releases for drillhole information 
                            of the previously reported intercepts highlighted in 
                            this report and used in the Mineral Resource Estimate. 
 Relationship              Significant assay intervals reported represent apparent 
  between mineralisation    widths. Drilling is not always perpendicular to the 
  widths and                dip of mineralisation and true widths are less than 
  intercept                 downhole widths. Estimates of true widths will only 
  lengths                   be possible when all results are received, and final 
                            geological interpretations have been completed. 
 Balanced reporting        This is the twenty second release of Exploration Results 
                            for this project made by Newcrest and/ or Greatland 
                            Gold. Previous release dates are 25 July 2019, 10 September 
                            2019, 24 October 2019, 2 December 2019, 30 January 2020, 
                            11 March 2020, 30 April 2020, 11 June 2020, 23 July 
                            2020, 10 September 2020, 29 October 2020, 10 December 
                            2020, 28 January 2021, 11 March 2021, 29 April 2021, 
                            10 June 2021, 22 July 2021, 9 September 2021, 28 October 
                            2021 and 9 December 2021 and 28 January 2022. . 
                            Previous exploration programs conducted by Newcrest 
                            and Greatland have been reported. Exploration drilling 
                            programs are ongoing and further material results will 
                            be reported in subsequent releases. 
 Other substantive         Nil 
 Further work              Growth drilling is underway to extend the limits of 
                            the mineralised system at depth and looking to establish 
                            additional resources outside those defined to date, 
                            including extension and infill of the Eastern Breccia 
                            and drilling outside the Havieron mineralised system 
                            as defined to date. 


Drillhole Data and Au- Cu Significant Intersections

Havieron Project, Paterson Province, Western Australia

Reporting Criteria: Intercepts reported are downhole drill width (not true width) Au >0.20ppm (0.2g/t Au) and minimum 20m downhole width with maximum consecutive internal dilution of 10m. Average grades are based on length-weighting of samples grades. Also highlighted are high grade intervals of Au >1.0ppm (1g/t Au) and minimum 10m downhole width with maximum consecutive internal dilution of 5m, and intervals of >30g/t which are greater or equal to 30 gram metres (Au_ppm x length) are tabled. Gold and copper grades are reported to two significant figures, the downhole lengths are rounded to 0.1m which may cause some apparent discrepancies in interval widths. Samples are from core drilling which is PQ, HQ or NQ in diameter. Core is photographed and logged by the geology team before being cut. Half core PQ, HQ and NQ samples are prepared for assay and the remaining material is retained in the core farm for future reference. Each assay batch is submitted with duplicates and standards to monitor laboratory quality. Total depth (end of hole) is rounded to one decimal place for reporting purposes. Collars denoted with a * show partial results, with further significant assays to be reported in subsequent exploration updates.

                                                                              Geotech drill hole - Not sampled 
  HAD085W5    MR-DD    463489   7598058   255   1435.1   111    -63                       for assays 
             -------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------ 
  HAD085W6    MR-DD    463489   7598058   255   1513.3   111    -63                    Assays Pending 
             -------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------ 
  HAD085W7    MR-DD    463489   7598058   255   1518.2   111    -63                    Assays Pending 
             -------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------ 
  HAD089W4    MR-DD    464300   7597747   258   1489.9   290    -61     570      630      60     0.86   0.01      Au 
             -------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                                                               30 g.m. 
                                                               Incl.   570.9    571.2     0.3    101    0.00      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                        696     732.3    36.3    0.21   0.03      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                       770.5    793.2    22.7    0.22   0.02      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                       878.1     942     63.9    0.57   0.07      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                        1074    1126.7   52.7    7.1    0.04      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                               Incl    1094.9   1126.2   31.4     12    0.03      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                                                               30 g.m. 
                                                               Incl    1114.7   1116.1    1.4     40    0.04      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                                                               30 g.m. 
                                                               Incl    1117.3   1122.2    4.8     35    0.01      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
  HAD093a     MR-DD    463523   7597783   256   1525.8   77     -66                    Assays Pending 
             -------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------ 
  HAD104^     MR-DD    463522   7597782   257   1913.6   87     -63    642.9    677.6    34.7    1.1    0.06      Au 
             -------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                       792.1    819.9    27.8    0.29   0.06      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                        835     855.1    20.1    3.4    0.43      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                       866.9    895.3    28.4    0.63   0.15      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                       956.2    1092.6   136.4   0.72   0.09      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                       1546.5    1609    62.5    5.9    0.30      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                               Incl    1554.6    1604    49.4    7.1    0.38      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                                                               30 g.m. 
                                                               Incl    1566.6   1567.6    1.0     82    0.52      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                 ^      1717     1802     85     1.2    0.37      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                               Incl    1735.6   1746.5   10.9    3.0    0.38      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
  HAD133W6                                                                                                       g/t 
     ^^       MR-DD    464072   7598317   257   1639.5   171    -65     1367     1413     46     0.92   0.01      Au 
             -------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                       1424.6   1592.7   168.1   1.9    0.17      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                               Incl    1425.9    1469    43.1    3.7    0.34      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                                                               30 g.m. 
                                                                        1441     1442     1.0     64    0.20      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                               Incl    1531.8    1550    18.2    2.6    0.31      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                               Incl    1555.5    1567    11.5    5.4    0.04      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
  HAD133W7    MR-DD    464072   7598317   257   1692.5   171    -65     1462     1509     47     0.3    0.07      Au 
             -------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                       1525.3    1548    22.7    1.2    0.08      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                       1594.2   1615.2   21.0    1.2    0.07      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                               Incl    1601.7   1613.4   11.7    1.7    0.09      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
      HAD133W8         464072   7598317   257    1696    171    -65                    Assays Pending 
                      -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------ 
      HAD141W2         463361   7597505   264   1757.2   27     -65     1314     1402     88     0.98   0.03      Au 
                      -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                               Incl     1330     1343     13     1.0    0.05      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                        1413     1433     20     0.39   0.01      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                       1472.3    1493    20.8    0.30   0.03      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                       1523.5   1559.2   35.7    0.76   0.16      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
  HAD145A     MR-DD    463201   7597816   256   1824.5   75     -65     1300     1369     69     0.72   1.1       Au 
             -------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                        1383    1432.2   49.2    0.33   0.26      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                       1590.3    1628    37.7    0.35   0.02      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                       1654.9    1725    70.2    0.82   0.22      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                               Incl    1668.9   1693.4   24.6    1.4    0.44      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                       1738.9   1763.5   24.6    1.2    0.06      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
      HAD145AW1        463201   7597816   256   2041.3   75     -65                    Assays Pending 
                      -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------ 
  HAD146W1    MR-DD    463451   7597873   253   1189.4   69     -60    630.2    640.3    10.1    1.6    0.46      Au 
             -------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                       651.8    672.3    20.5    0.58   0.13      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
                                                                        804     884.6    80.6    0.37   0.44      Au 
 -------------------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------           -------  ------  -----  -----  -------- 
       HAD152          463402   7597058   254   2056.9   29     -62                    Assays Pending 
                      -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------ 
       HAD153          464786   7598418   269    726     201    -60                    Assays Pending 
                      -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------ 
       HAD154          463629   7597438   261   1242.5   95     -55                    Assays Pending 
                      -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------ 
       HAD155          464535   7598537   257   837.4    250    -60                    Assays Pending 
                      -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------ 
   ZIP001     MR-DD    463055   7599813   258   900.8    45     -70                 No Significant Result 
             -------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------ 
   ZIP002     MR-DD    463606   7599618   264    883     45     -75                 No Significant Result 
             -------  -------  --------  ----  -------  ----  ------ 

(#) drilling in progress. **partial intercept, assays pending. ^updated intercept. ^^previously reported intercept.

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